Food For Animals

Food For Animals

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A taste of sharper, harder edged glitch-hop


Food For Animals’ (aka MC Volture Voltaire and DJ/Producer Ricky Rabbit) debut EP, Scavengers is a joint release between Upper Class Recordings and Muckamuck Records, currently available online--an official release is slated for the U.S. and Canada this fall (2005). "Scavengers" scours, and grates the listener's mind with politically mocking banter and deranged instrumentation.

This Washington, DC duo have been making music since April 2003 and it all began with a CD-R loaded with metallic, dirty rhymes, and samples of singing children buried under monstrous beats. The same CD-R that Upper Class Recordings found lying, discarded on the floor following a seedy CMJ after party in the fall of 2003. After the first listen of those extreme sounds, Upper Class Recordings had decided to track down these Food For Animals noise terrorists and release their sounds into the world.

“Splattercore! Triple-time, chewed up and spat out jungle rhythms form the foundation for top-heavy constructions overloaded with Bollywood strings, guitar feedback and backmasked R&B vocals. It's enough to make El-P's music sound positively straight-forward"

Glowing reviews from the very selective taste makers at, The Wire (UK) and Brave New Waves facilitated an extensive and seemingly endless tour across America and the UK with Discord’s, DIY angular punk rock trio, Q and Not U.

Upper Class Recordings is finalizing an extensive and imaginative world-wide mission for The Russian Futurists, The Cansecos, Cadence Weapon and Food For Animals. It is Upper Class Recording’s plan and our purpose to ensure that every experience will be a unique moment of delirious sounds and dazzling sights.


Scavengers EP - 2004

Cut and Paste Your Face EP - 2005

Set List

Food For Animals would like to perform their original material for a 35 - 45 min. set