Foolproof Four
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Foolproof Four

San Francisco, California, United States | SELF

San Francisco, California, United States | SELF
Band Folk Rock




"Flotzam Upcoming: Foolproof Four"

"Wow! Awesome harmonies! Indie rock barbershop! And weird catchy chord progressions! Check these guys out" - Flotzam

"EP Review: Foolproof Four 3-Song Sampler"

"A band that must be seen live, as the camaraderie between these young men is hilarious and creates really great audience engagement...The talent of this band is apparent by their variety--their songs include a blues, jazz and country sound...These three tracks [from their 3 Song Sampler] showcase the variety the band is known for." - The Deli Magazine


“Seemingly content with their outsider status, Foolproof Four appears to sound confident about the back-porch folk harmonies that have set them apart from the current ‘noise rock’ Bay Area music scene. On their debut [3-Song Sampler]…themes of positivity and spiritual satisfaction are at the fore, while the laidback grooves sound quite effortless. Even the politically themed a cappella tune (a genre that seems to be saved for boy bands and annoying community college clubs) is genuinely entertaining. This all reflects on their famous live performances…they are known to be a very loose and fun experience worth spending time on. Well after a few listens to their debut [3-Song Sampler], I’m sold.” - Kata Rokkar

"A Numbers Game"

"Foolproof Four is a local trio based around the core duo of singer-guitarist Noah Grant and drummer-vocalist Dan Brennan. Confused? Don't be. Just sit back and enjoy the versatility of this band, which can turn from folk to full-on rock on a dime." - SF Weekly

"Off The Record - Foolproof Four"

"Foolproof Four is a sweet alt-country act who will have you reminiscing the cool moments of the careers of The Bee Gees and Kenny Rogers." - SF Chronicle


There Are Four O's In Foolproof (EP, three of six tracks received airplay/podcast)
Economology (single, featured in two spots on the upcoming feature film, "Dream In American")
Apples Of Our Allegiance (debut LP, to be released 9/11. A Capella song, "Lady Valia Stood Her Ground" spread around Bay Area in support for the UC Occupation Movement, 11/09)



Perhaps the best way to describe Foolproof Four is by way of equation: multiply blues by jazz, add rock, divide by country, and subtract half the band (as well as most of the drum kit). The result is an intimate sound with a big presence; guitarist/vocalist Noah Grant soars while drummer Dan Brennan dials in the groove, hollering periodically to round out the mix. Foolproof Four's original songs range from two-step folk tunes to straight-ahead rock numbers, and their interpretations of tunes by renowned artists often take even the most die-hard fans by surprise. Their debut LP, Apples of Our Allegiance, offers a taste of what's to come, but don't rule anything out...these two are full of surprises!