Foolproof Four

Foolproof Four

 San Francisco, California, USA

Foolproof Four is really a schizo band; usually a duo, but sometimes a trio. Not so much a folk/rock band, but a folk band or a rock band, depending upon the song. A country folk tune, an a cappella tune, a fist-pumping rock tune, a one can say their songs sound the same!


Perhaps the best way to describe Foolproof Four is by way of equation: multiply blues by jazz, add rock, divide by country, and subtract half the band (as well as most of the drum kit). The result is an intimate sound with a big presence; guitarist/vocalist Noah Grant soars while drummer Dan Brennan dials in the groove, hollering periodically to round out the mix. Foolproof Four's original songs range from two-step folk tunes to straight-ahead rock numbers, and their interpretations of tunes by renowned artists often take even the most die-hard fans by surprise. Their debut LP, Apples of Our Allegiance, offers a taste of what's to come, but don't rule anything out...these two are full of surprises!


Lady Valia Stood Her Ground

Written By: Noah Grant

lady valia stood her ground
lady valia stood her ground
police radioed backup
while dissidents rallied support
a sergeant picked her out of the crowd
but lady valia stood her ground

lady valia signed her name
among a long list of the esteemed
to monitor how their money's spent
and file grievance with the government
to keep the public's interest first
the wheeler 43 must be heard

the story on the evening news
was better filmed by amateurs
the sergeant told them all to move along
the sergeant picked her out of the crowd
and when he rose his hand to strike
lady valia didn't fight

lady valia stood her ground
among a long line of the esteemed
who demand to see how their money's spent
and follow it straight to the state
and stick up for kids they'll never meet
and reclaim their university

the wheeler 43 must be heard
to keep the students' best at heart
police radioed backup
the customers rallied support
and when they tried to break us down
our lady valia stood her ground

our lady valia stood her ground
our lady valia stood her ground

Post Industrial

Written By: Noah Grant

thumbs a ride until the sky's her only light
drops her bag at the first camp to grab her eye
and shouts back at her echo,

"leave me alone!"

took a four-year invest-ablishment
but still she ain't seen but a default on dividends
yeah, her bowl's only packed now cause she grows it on her own!

"echo, leave me alone!"

no cost greater than a daily routine
so she orders an extended reprieve
to lift the questions from her soul

look what you've done!

sweeping floors is sure appealing when you're broke

You May Be Low But They Are Weak

Written By: Noah Grant

the challenge lights you up
there needn't be a reason
to see you standing with your megaphone
making apples of our allegiance

i know that you won't say
but i know that you don't do it
because you believe in it
but because you know you'll be believed

if you can't readjust yourself
readjust how people see you
by nullifying your enemies
you may be low, but they are weak
and keeping their hands below your feet

hey, your hands ain't clean

and you can keep a crowd for hours
on a windy, drizzling monday afternoon
pointing everybody's fingers
into a seat that'll be yours soon

Just Because You Lost

Written By: Noah Grant

you took long enough to hit your stride
juggling acts and competitions aside

if you can wait until they're gone,
they'll never know that you got back up
just because you lost, don't mean you didn't start the fight

those bony knuckles took everyone by surprise
says the one picking teeth off the floor

we can keep this just between us

now the only way to regroup is if they think you've given up


There Are Four O's In Foolproof (EP, three of six tracks received airplay/podcast)
Economology (single, featured in two spots on the upcoming feature film, "Dream In American")
Apples Of Our Allegiance (debut LP, to be released 9/11. A Capella song, "Lady Valia Stood Her Ground" spread around Bay Area in support for the UC Occupation Movement, 11/09)

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