Fools & Critters

Fools & Critters

 Orlando, Florida, USA

Unleashing their "High Calorie Mock n' Roll", Fools & Critters are masters at blending hard hitting rock with lunatic paced comedy in highly engaging stage shows and studio releases. This quartet delivers, with manic enthusiasm, a sense that rock n' roll should never be taken too seriously.


Fools and Critters’ “high calorie mock n’ roll” first appeared in 1993 on the stages of rock clubs all over South Florida. The mixture of four distinct personalities and musical tastes morphed into some of the most creative music on the local scene. Drawing from influences that range from Frank Zappa, Ramones and Cheap Trick to 311 to Bryan Adams and Van Halen, together Ray Donato, Brent Downs, Matt Charles and Mark Herndon have created a unique stage act of highly spontaneous and energetic music with onstage antics and presentations that keep audiences riveted. Releasing several CDs of original music in both studio and live formats captured the full spectrum of the band’s capabilities, both in the controlled studio and the marvelously chaotic realm of live performances. In the 2000s the band has created a niche for itself playing in theaters double billed with the Rocky Horror Picture Show; “The audience for Rocky is a free spirited crowd that F & C has really enjoyed being a part of” says lead singer Mark Herndon. Stand out shows include the 25th anniversary show for Rocky Horror at the Carefree Theater in West Palm Beach and 2008’s 4th of July show at Cinema Paridiso in Fort Lauderdale.


Spaceman Spiff

Written By: Fools and Critters (Ray Danato)

Good evening folks how do you do
my name is Spaceman Spiff
I'd like to tell you all today
about some of my latest trips

Like sitting down on hostile worlds
of barren rock and gas
it's amazing what your mind can do
when you're fast asleep in class....

My best friend is a tiger
who springs to life when were alone
he'll follow me to the Yukon
or wherever I may roam
My parents just don't understand
as they listen from the hall..
"Dear that boy could use some help,
he's talking to a doll!"

Run around stark naked
like a Nude Descending The Stairs
Hey Dad you're slippin' in the polls
Yeah, like he really care
nail Susie with a slushball, this dumb girl from my class
"You're a dufus" she would say, hey Susie kiss my a....

As I settle into bed
you see who here is ruling
I'd stand and shake your hand
but something under my bed is drooling
When next I conquer Earth or Mars
or any world I wish
I bid you all a fond farewell
long live Spaceman Spiff

Think About Baseball

Written By: Fools and Critters (Mark Herndon)

My hand on her leg
and hers on my thigh
if I don't get wild
I know I'm gonna die!!

That glance in the hall
set my heart aglow
now she's gettin' down
but I wish she'd take it slow!

(baseball commentary)

Well that seemed to work
I'm under control
just one second more
and I'd be fishing without a pole

She's got a surprise
waiting for me
Now she's moving north
straight up from my knee

(baseball commentary)

Think about baseball
Think about grandma
Keep control boy
and cool your pole boy
Think about baseball
and think about grandma

Alright guys, here's today's lesson
Love 101...
Man I haven''t got a clue
and if I know, I sure as hell wouldn't tell you
now would I?
I mean, you have to go out there
and figure these things out for yourself
you expect me to have all the answers?

Uh, honey, what are you doing
You're hitting that special spot...


Slip and Slide Pudding Fest EP
Flingin' Powdered Doughnuts - CD
Does This Look Infected To You - Live

Set List

Play Stupid
Excuse Me...
You Stink
Triple Slip
I Think I LoveYou
We Play Loud
Inbreeder's Rag
Serious Song
Blitzkrieg Bop
Fools Critters and Whatnot