Fools For April

Fools For April

 New York City, New York, USA

Fools For April's songs speak for themselves. Strong hooks, tasteful playing and pure emotion shine in each well crafted song. FFA's debut album is now on iTunes and have had 7 songs placed on T.V thus far. The duo was the 2nd Place Winner in the 2007 NYC Songwriting Contest!


7 T.V placements so far...

1st place winner in The Yellow Submarine contest - for their version of the Beatles' "Help" - to be featured on the compilation produced by Grammy winner Marino De Silva, alongside The Beatles, Hendrix, The Who, etc.

2nd place winner in the 2007 NYC Songwriting Contest!

Fools For April recently played @ Carnegie Hall alongside Shawn Colvin, Phoebe Snow, Roger McGuinn, and many more!

FOOLS FOR APRIL is the collaborative effort of Dov Rosenblatt and C Lanzbom. Having toured together often with their respective bands, the two began to write together and soon became a prolific writing team which progressed into a new band.

"Fools For April is one of the best songwriting teams I have come across in a bunch of years," says Michael Dorf, founder of the Knitting Factory and City Winery in NYC.

"They are simply really great...original sound without much comparison." New York City's Tastemaker, BJ Barratt says, "Their material, which can be heard on their brilliant debut CD 'The Voice is Inside', is full of beautiful melodies and great lyrics."

With heartfelt lyrics sung by Rosenblatt's sweet, fresh voice, and soaring, tasteful guitar work by Lanzbom, the duo is truly something special to see live and hear on record.

"Your music is beautiful! Simple and clear songs [with] warm textures. I love it!"-Keith Golden (bassist for Dido, Eminem.)


Fallin At Your Feet

Written By: Fools For April

I got love for a woman but I don’t know why
I got empty pockets in a dirty sky
With ten minutes to board this train
I’m lookin over my shoulder for you to call my name
Call my name
I’m out for what it’s worth
Yes I’m down for the count in my place of birth
And I’ve met trouble but not til you
Who’s the one who gave it all to you
They’re givin it all to you

But I keep fallin at your feet
And I got one last thing to see
When it’s over
When it’s over
Come crawling back to me

My my you dress so fine
You make it hard on a man with hungry eyes
And I’ve met trouble but not til you
Who’s the one who gave it all to you
Savin it all for you


I’ll find a way to get you home


Run Run Run

Written By: Fools For April

It's movin, oh it's movin oh so fast
and everything i give to you, you say it's in the past
i can't seem to make a moment last
slow down- we've got time
hold on- to all that we find

tell me when the skyline overthrew you
when did you stay up to watch the sun
the pictures of the future they can fool you
that all we've ever learned to do is run
run run run
now it's become
run run run

and lookin at these faces on the street
where no one looks you in the eye they stare down at their feet
this is not a place for us to meet
who's got time to stay
always on our way


On and On

Written By: Fools For April

On and On

What do you want from the world that you feel you deserve
And why should we listen to you when you don’t hear a word
Why do you tell everyone every move that you ever made
And what do you want us to say to you that you haven’t heard

You go on and on
You go on and on
But you don’t hear a word that I say
Do you

I’m not the man who you thought I was back when you knew me
I can’t begin to explain the reasons for all that I do
What you believe is your choice, it’s not for me to say
But I don’t believe that you’re right that there’s only one way

You go on and on
You go on and on
But you don’t say a word
You don’t say a word
You go on and on
On and on
You don’t say a word that you mean

Hold My Breath

Written By: Rosenblatt

I should’ve known that there’d be days like this when
no one calls and no one writes or listens
I just sit at home and spread myself around

Until one morning I get great, great news to tell
my friends and family if all, if all goes well
Dare I share it for it may fall apart

And now I…
I hold my breath for what you’ll say, I hold my breath
I hold my breath for what you’ll say, I hold my breath
I hold it every day

I shouldn’t care what everyone around me thinks
I’m just happy with my wife and our two drinks
Everybody’s got someone they need to please, please, please


And I tell you we’ve been working over time
We’re working through the night
You can tell me that my work is play, well that’s alright
cuz you can’t tell me why


Long Division

Written By: Dov Rosenblatt, C Lanzbom

I lay you down
I tuck you in
I turn the light off as my lips approach your skin
But I know well somewhere in my mind
the possibility of this as our last night
cuz I've been thinking lately

Maybe all we need is time to watch us
All in all it comes to one decision
Baby all beneath this I've been bleeding
I can't handle all this long division

I watch you there
You're sleeping tight
As I take one more picture in my mind for one last dream tonight
You must believe me
I wish I knew
why I've been thinking lately


Now I'm carrying the one
the one word I could never
oh that I could never say
Now I'm counting on this one word



Fools For April - "The Voice Is Inside"

Set List

1. Fallin At Your Feet
2. Lie With Me
3. Long Division - placed 2nd out of thousands in the 2007 NYC Songwriting Contest
4. All Or Nothing
5. Rain Check
6. Parallel Love
7. Run Run Run
8. First Time Again
9. "Help" - "FFA cover Help as John would have wanted it." - Village Voice
10. Better Place

set time = ~45 min.