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Fools For April

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Pop Folk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



""Simply really great""

"This duet with a backing bass/drum is one of the better songwriting teams I have come across in a bunch of years...(FFA) is simply really great.. original sound without much comparison."
-Michael Dorf, Founder of the Knitting Factory, NYC. - Founder of Knitting Factory, NYC

"FFA EP Review"

The Stack – as my personal to-be-reviewed pile o’ discs has come to be known Chez Warburg – has grown to truly terrifying proportions. When it gets to where you can lose a 16-pound cat behind the pile of unlistened-to material on your desk, it’s time for drastic measures.

This usually means a brutal culling session, as in “Nope. Nope. Send it to another writer. Nope. Nope. Don’t hear it. Oh fine, it stays.” The aforementioned monologue taking maybe fifteen minutes – i.e. no more than 90 seconds per artist. (Hey, I said it was brutal.)

That’s what it usually means.

But leave it to a duo called Fools For April to make a fool of me, because it’s now been half an hour since my culling session began and I haven’t gotten past the first disc yet. To make this all even more improbable, those wily Fools sent me a custom compilation disc that isn’t even any sort of official release, though since it includes three of the four songs on the EP available on their Web site [link], I’m going to approach this as a review of that release plus bonus tracks.

Fools For April is a collaboration between vocalist-guitarist Dov Rosenblatt (Blue Fringe) and guitarist-vocalist C Lanzbom (Soul Farm) that finds the pair harmonizing beautifully over a series of sweet grooves and lilting solos. It’s literate folk-pop that gets your feet tapping, classicist in composition but modern in every other way, sort of like Matt Nathanson if he was a scruffier and more endearing set of twins.

The disc I have opens with “Fallin At Your Feet,” which starts out in a sort of sleepy acoustic Jack Johnson groove before building into a mid-tempo jangler that actually absorbs a touch of funk into the beat. Lanzbom’s electric guitar accents counterpoint Rosenblatt’s earnest vocals beautifully, creating an instantly compelling harmonic convergence.

EP cut “Long Division” adds some bluesy Harrison/Clapton electric licks to the package before the Harrison theme becomes even more explicit in the near-homage track “Run Run Run.” This terrific number sounds like nothing so much as a lost Harrison-Crosby collaboration, all rolling melody and sweet high harmonies.

“All Or Nothing” has a sort of airy alt-rock feel in its opening bars, but then the acoustic rhythm guitar kicks in and you’re riding a wave of folk-pop melody. Another EP cut, “Better Place,” has a sort of gloomy early-Dylan feel at first, then blossoms into a steady-on folk-rocker with organ and female background vocals filling out the sound.

“First Time Again,” which closes both the group’s official EP and my custom version, is a completely acoustic ballad that spotlights the way the duo’s voices and guitars mesh – smooth like butter.

“Parallel Love,” the one song on the EP that didn’t appear on my custom compilation, has somewhat of a Jimmy Eat World ballad vibe, slow and earnest with sunny harmonies, organ accents and big cymbals. Definitely worthy of inclusion when the boys issue a full-length, which their one-sheet declares is due in Fall 2008.

The Stack still awaits. But now I’ve been reminded of the reason it’s always worth slogging through: new music to enjoy and a new group to watch. - The Daily Vault

"new talent break out!"

Paying tribute to a well-known pop musician's oeuvre can be an exuberant celebration, but it can also be a fraught endeavor. What qualifies an artist to participate in a tribute? What goes into his choice of a song? Can tribute performances be measured on their merits or necessarily be judged against the original? To what extent should tributes serve as homage and to what extent should they offer something new?

All these questions came up at Wednesday's Carnegie Hall tribute honoring the 30-year collaboration of lyricist Bernie Taupin and composer/performer Elton John, which is, admittedly, quite a body of work. The task of paying tribute seemed daunting for most of the 2-hour, 20-song show, but the artists's enthusiasm about participating and the range of ways in which they tried, showed off both the quality of their musicianship and the quality of the oeuvre of Messrs. Taupin and John.

The chance to see new talent break out is one of the great perks of such an event, and Wednesday it was the [New York]-based band Fools for April's beautiful version of "Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters," a New York song for a New York band. Throughout the evening, as various members of Fools for April came back to play back-up for other performers, they offered additional reasons to look toward their as-yet unreleased debut CD with anticipation.

- The New York Sun

"...undeniable significance..."

The first thing that strikes you about Fools For
April is the simplicity of the songs. However, take nothing away from
the craftsmanship of this band. Every track contains lyrics of
undeniable significance and are delivered with engaging harmonies.
Powerful live performers, the duo credit Elliott Smith and Bright Eyes
as just some of their musical influences and it's all too easy to make
those kinds of comparisons. But FFA more than hold their own against
some of the more established acts and look set for an exciting and
rewarding 2008. - Joel Crane- NME,Q,Mojo

"This band and the songs are wonderful..."

"This band and the songs are wonderful. I'm very impressed!

Your tagline sums up this band perfectly "...simple songs, with simple production; tasteful playing and pure emotion..." - BUT there is nothing simple in the skill and craft that went into the creation of these songs or their production - this is pure talent and experience showing.

I really like all 3 songs posted - they are not too long or too short, but just right for radio play. The arrangements flow beautifully, the vocals and lyrics are gorgeous and the production values are excellent." - Andrea (Sonic Deli Records) - SonicDeli


"Your music is "beautiful. Simple and clear songs [with] warm textures. I love it!"-Keith Golden (bassist for Dido, Eminem.) - Keith Golden

"Excellent..first class..."

"Fools 4 April-
Excellent stuff, first class and well recorded. This will sell. You would go over really well here in Vancouver."
-JimmyZee - JimmyZee

"Fools For April @ MAKOR"

"mellow duo Fools for April...just might grow on you, particularly when they cover “Help” as John would have wanted it. "
-Village Voice

- Village Voice


Fools For April - "The Voice Is Inside"



7 T.V placements so far...

1st place winner in The Yellow Submarine contest - for their version of the Beatles' "Help" - to be featured on the compilation produced by Grammy winner Marino De Silva, alongside The Beatles, Hendrix, The Who, etc.

2nd place winner in the 2007 NYC Songwriting Contest!

Fools For April recently played @ Carnegie Hall alongside Shawn Colvin, Phoebe Snow, Roger McGuinn, and many more!

FOOLS FOR APRIL is the collaborative effort of Dov Rosenblatt and C Lanzbom. Having toured together often with their respective bands, the two began to write together and soon became a prolific writing team which progressed into a new band.

"Fools For April is one of the best songwriting teams I have come across in a bunch of years," says Michael Dorf, founder of the Knitting Factory and City Winery in NYC.

"They are simply really great...original sound without much comparison." New York City's Tastemaker, BJ Barratt says, "Their material, which can be heard on their brilliant debut CD 'The Voice is Inside', is full of beautiful melodies and great lyrics."

With heartfelt lyrics sung by Rosenblatt's sweet, fresh voice, and soaring, tasteful guitar work by Lanzbom, the duo is truly something special to see live and hear on record.

"Your music is beautiful! Simple and clear songs [with] warm textures. I love it!"-Keith Golden (bassist for Dido, Eminem.)