Fools' Moon

Fools' Moon



Fools’ Moon: the result of the three musicians eager to offer with their songs a different view of the their musical creativity.

Lorenzo Tanini, Matteo Panichi and Jacopo Meille had been working on a bunch of original songs for a year before starting the recording of what has now become their first album ’Beyond The Sky’. Their aim was to write songs each one with its own personality based on the different musical experiences they had through the years. Lorenzo and Matteo had been playing together with the band Charisma, while Jacopo has been - and still is - the lead singer of the hard rockng band Mantra (3 albums realeased in the last 6 years) and of New wave Of British Heavy Metal Legends Tygers Of Pan Tang.

From the riff based starter ‘Night Music’, the listener is then captured by the funky rhythm of ‘Music’, the fresh melody of ‘Farewell’, the piano driven power ballad ‘Life’ and hard rocking songs such as ‘The First Winter’s Summer Day’ and Diamond Head’s cover ‘Diamond Lights’.

Lorenzo Tanini’s guitar talent in playing with riff and emotions, Jacopo Meille ever versatile voice and the hard pumping drumming of Matteo Panichi are able to create such unique kaleidoscope of sounds, colors and feelings that will remind you of the best rock music ever written between 1975 – 1985 in both America and England.

‘Beyond The Sky’ is one of the best melodic hard rock albums released in years, a real must for any die hard fan as well as for anyone who still believe in good music.

“BEYOND THE SKY” is available through Andromeda Relix, Trendfabrik and negative mail order
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Set List

1 Night Music
2 Desert Soul
3 Farewell
4 Music
5 Life
6 Silly Sally
7 Our Song
8 Snakes & Ladders
9 The First Winter's Summer Day
10 Simple Man
11 Diamond Lights