football, etc.

football, etc.


A female-fronted 3-piece that draws inspiration from Rainer Maria, Mineral, and Kinsella bands. They are part of a burgeoning scene reinterpreting 90s midwest emo.


Mercy Harper and Lindsay Minton moved to Houston in 2008 from New Brunswick, NJ, where they were once in the short-lived band Tin Kitchen. This band's demo was recorded by Rainer Maria's Kyle Fischer, and they embarked on a small tour of the Midwest and East Coast. Tin Kitchen gained notoriety among fans of 90s midwest emo soon after their demise. Mercy and Lindsay, after much trial and error, found Brandon Baker in early 2009 in Houston. He was hoping to join a math rock band, but he quickly found inspiration from the musical combination of Mercy and Lindsay. The songs came quick and the band's initial recordings received much attention from fans of Tin Kitchen and other neo-90s emo music. The band self-released a four-track demo in August 2009, which receives distribution in the UK through strictly no capital letters distro. The band was quickly snatched up by the Michigan-based label Count Your Lucky Stars Records. The band is currently trying to balance full-time jobs (teaching high school, attending graduate school, and working as a computer technician) with recording their upcoming full-length album.


First Down

Written By: Lindsay Minton

Every time that you breathe in you're hoping that when you breathe out - you are hoping when you exhale something really profound will come out. I hope that you get a black lung. And every time that you go out you put on a costume. You put on a costume - something that your friends will think is real cool. I hope that you get a black lung - I hope that you get two of them.

Catch the Spirit

Written By: Lindsay Minton

Who goes to a peninsula? It's a land of sleep and needles. I know. I know that state: injections to stay alive and some to die. But you've gone to that peninsula. It's your land of sleep and needles.

Touchdown (Dance)

Written By: Lindsay Minton

If I put my head to the floor and close my eyes I can hear the sound of the vibrations coming from below in the basement. But that was one year ago. There are no stairs that lead below. This city was built on mud - fucking mud.

Dream Big

Written By: Lindsay Minton

Dear Student, you shot someone on my mom's doorstep. You left him there and my sister found him dead. On my way to work one day I saw black broken bodies lay on the pavement. This is what I see when I sleep. This is what I see when I dream. And I can't forget what I've seen.


*"First Down Demo EP" - streaming and downloadable on, airplay on WHRB Cambridge, US distribution through CYLS records, UK distribution though strictly no capital letters distro
*"Fightin' Phoenix" single on split 7" with Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate), co-released by CYLS records in the US and strictly no capital letters records in the UK
*Full length debut on CYLS records forthcoming this fall

Set List

Average 25 minute set.