Foot Foot

Foot Foot


Foot Foot plays melodic image rich songs. Vivid lyrics and tuneful vocal lines drive this engaging music. Acoustic guitar is matched with mellow electric slide for a richly woven counterpoint of moods and textures.


Foot Foot grew with the dandelions and crab grass from the cracked sidewalk gardens of Los Angeles. The spinning dustclouds of early lineups eventually coalesced into a dusty matrimonial pair, traveling the old Camino Real to sow their songs amongst the California poppies. Foot Foot has self produced 3 albums crafted from the notebook jottings and dream phrases of Robin Brown the band's creative pioneer. The band's first recording was a demo created in a single - week long - home recording. Featuring bells, acoustic slide guitar, casio keyboard and cock-eyed sea-roving percussion the demo is a musical centaur - the result of years of careful songcraft performed cross legged on a spanish tile floor with half broken intruments. This is music to dream to, evoking the sand-scabbed knees and street tarred soles of Los Angeles childhood.

Foot Foot's second release though still self produced is more polished than the roughly hewn demo and was put out by Oedipus Records in 2006. Titled 'Snaggle and Buck' the band set out to explore the ragged and whisperingly racous approach set out by their demo work. For the next year they played all over LA, San Francisco and up into Oregon and Washington.

Foot Foot's 3rd album (to be released February of 2008 on Oedipus and Aagoo Records) takes the direction of the first two albums and explodes it onto the canvas of rock music. The album is titled 'Trumpet' - referring both two loud horns and the hearing trumpet used to capture the smallest of sounds. As the title suggests, this album teeters in bipolar frenzy, blown up with drums and fuzz guitars, just to be put back to bed with softly fingerpicked murmurs. This is Foot Foot's most diverse album, but through it all the core of the songs still have all the lyric tension and visual poetry of the first two releases.

Foot Foot is going to spend the Fall of '07 touring the West Coast with Peter and the Wolf.


Dandelions and Spastics

Written By: Foot Foot

We're smoking dandelions and butter, coughing up spastics with shu shu shu shudders. Despise the givers of depositions, they're frying their brains with repitition. Self loathing my dear, wont get you up, or away from here.

I must say i was suprised, to hear you were living enough to have died. It lives in its roots, but its cold in its bones, you picked the skull from the dirt, but you left thoses wings alone.
We're choking spits and sputters and drinking our liquor with lady like shudders. If height is time, then darlin' your reasons must have the longest spines. So take my ribcage, and make a bird cage, and use your liars spine to hang it on the clothing line, and you just watch those birds, they'll flock to us.
I'll tell you why everyone's seething, they're feeling left out, but not quite like leaving. So you live in your roots, but its cold in your bones, you picked the skull from the dirt, but leave those wings alone.

Shasta Heavy

Written By: Foot Foot

She stumbles tall and strong, one leg short, one time long long ago. A kiss on the back of her knee, she leans down self consciously to scratch at her callused feet. And pick the glass out of her heel, return to mass and try to steal the lord from him. Fortune cuts off at the wrist, marry your broken self and head out west. Singing, shit i'd die my hair red too, I'd do anything for you.

She's shasta heavy, he's day break easy, she's wide and winding, he's so climbing, climbing. He's a drunk author, she's an autumn killer, they're fast in finding they're so climbing climbing.

Take your dixie land horns, and your elevator porn, they're so blinding. Take your promises of loans, slippery calls across the telephone, they're so winding. Your freaks of frequent measure heartless heartless treasures, heartless heartless.

Shit I'd lose a limb or two, I'd do anything for you, or you, or you... Count the times that you counted the streets with you island feathered feet, count the times that you counted the streets.

She's shasta heavy...


2005 Demo (EP) (self released)

2005 "M Nausea Twa" single on Not Not Fun Compilation

2006 "Pilgrim Hat on and Indian Summer" split 7" (with My Little Red Toe) on Not Not Fun's Bored Fortress 7" Series

2006 "Snaggle and Buck" (LP) Oedipus Records

2007 Split 7" with Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (Oedipus)

2008 "Trumpet" (LP) on Oedipus and Aagoo Records

Set List

We usually play between 5-8 songs, all originals. The sets are app. 25 minutes long although they vary with the venue. An example of a set we have been playing lately would be:
1. Out the Sand (Snaggle and Buck)
2. Beyond the Buzzards (Trumpet)
3. All Heat and no Light (Demo)
4. Typhoid Mary (Trumpet)
5. Ancient Twisted Dream (Snaggle and Buck)
6. Criminal Wealth (Snaggle and Buck)