Footnote Legacy

Footnote Legacy


Somewhere in between the lines of drifty jazz and elemental rock. Groovey melodies that swing the listener to danceable rhythms.


All of us grew up mostly in the small town of silverton oregon. Our influences span a wide range anything from Mozart to Mr. Bungle,to George carlin and Donny hathaway. What set's us apart, is we try to keep things sounding antique. Kepping our influences out of the 80's. Hopefully bringing you a sound that is both Antique and New Wave.


We currently have a 5 song demo.
you can also check us out at the website
(Or our myspace page)

Set List

well. Our current set list lasts about an hour.
although the last show we played the headlining band didn't show, so we played a two hour show with a 5 min break.
We do covers that go anywhere from sanatra to the beatles, depending on the type of event.
our songs this far:
Mundane, kickback, mozambique, grievin, brightenbush, atleast invinsible, Diranged, jam in C#m, the cure and the walls.