For A Few

For A Few


Denver’s For A Few fuses the power of 90’s post-hardcore with melodic punk sensibilities. Driving drums and bass combine with heavy, yet melodic guitars. Dual vocals soothe you one minute only to scream you into a frenzy the next. This energy translates to shows that fans find unforgettable.


Denver, Colorado’s For A Few released their freshman EP, “Remnants” in December of 2006. Recorded by Tom Pfaeffle (Gatsby’s American Dream, Fear Before the March of the Flames, and Heavy Heavy Low Low among others), the album showcases the diversity of sound, influences, and personalities of a band who are primed to take music to a whole new level.

Formed in early 2006, For A Few originally had 4 members: Jason Zolman (lead guitar); Alex Gillette (bass); Roger Eimer (guitar/vocals); and Ben Richter (drums). All came from other established bands with differing backgrounds but with a common vision: For A Few is not a hobby; it is a career. Jon McKinney was brought in after the release of the EP to create a fuller sound. The band is always reaching for the largest, purest sound possible.

Self sufficient and armed with a strong work ethic and drive, For A Few has recorded, promoted, and toured without outside help or influence. This independence fuels their sound. No two songs are alike, and no one could accuse them of being a knock off of any up-and-coming band. Their songs are not written with classifications in mind either; such as here's the "punk anthem", this is the "screamo song", and this one is the "rock ballad". Each member of the band is a perfectionist at heart. Writing sessions are open forums; anyone can submit material, but only the best ideas are kept.

For A Few has fans in cities across the U.S. because of their live shows. Anyone who comes is guaranteed to have a great time. Every show has an energy infused pit. It’s not uncommon to witness body surfing, pillow fights, and even rioting from time to time. Every show closes with the crowd coming up on stage during the song, “Seven Years.”

Every musician took that first step (guitar lessons e.g.), because they at one point in their lives were moved by a band’s music. To be “that band” for just one person would be a dream. What an honor it would be to be associated with a person’s memory forever. It wouldn’t hurt either to have a song that a person would want to play in their car on a nice day with the windows rolled down, driving fast, with no traffic in sight, and singing along at the top of their lungs.

The future is bright for For A Few. They will keep on working hard, writing new music, winning fans over, putting on amazing shows, and as one fan put it, “rocking faces” until there is no face left un-rocked.


Seven Years

Written By: For A Few

Hope falls silent in a Sante fe motel room and you give confirmation you'd be leaving soon there was no seesaw back and forth it's what it had to be the sun sets to rise again destiny looks down on me.

Seven years or seven times seventy goodbye was the last thing you said to me down in the books as a murder suicide tell me again what's your alibi impossible to pinpoint the moment but this is now and that was then how could I have it so bad you'll never know just what you had.

I don't know if you know it I saw you again last June I wasn't sure of myself then but once I was sure of you a million miles away of where you want to be I use to think you'd come around dissapointment comes for free.

Seven years since it served its purpose seven years if you care to take notice under the spell of uncontrollable attraction another sad case of action reaction seven years since we went our separate ways only two years I been okay funny what you learn after the fact can't say I'd care to ever go back


Remnants EP - 2006

Set List

Standard Set (45min-1hour)

1. Psychoanalisis For One Please
2. Remnants
3. Angles With Dirty Faces
4. Nonstop Nonsense
5. Edited For Utah
6. Senses
7. Playing With Chopsticks
8. Wasteland
9. Kin Salinger
10. Control
11. Seven Years