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The best kept secret in music


I saw these guys in Sheridan WY at the Cook Ford building. they are good at what they do. i also bought the album. It is well worth the money. I encourage all who like rock to by it. - Mopar_muscle6

this album is amazing! this band rocks! - Megannnnnnn

i love them, i saw them live and bought there cd on the spot. if your interested in muxic, you have to get them!! i may have payed 5 dollars, but its worth 10!! all 4 songs are amazingly done!! check them out on myspace to!! - hevenbo...

For anyone that's curious, this is definitely a must-buy. You should do it. Like, now :) - Freedumb4ahll

It's amazing, seriously man. - L...

Some of the albums I've heard before by other bands or singers are bland or all there songs sound the same except for one. In this CD, every song is different. This is really good for a band in my opinion because then people will think mostly that there music means something and isnt just sound. Hopefully they make it all the way!---------------------:-) - le...

you guys rock my socks!! GOSH i cant wait till ur concert here on the 31st i am definately gonna be there and i hope i can meet you all in person...especially ALEX! but this CD is a great buy!! and i hope after the concert more peeps will buy it! i loved it and my # 1 song on my MP3 is Angels With Dirty Faces!! keep it up guys you totally ROCK!!! - ~megZ~

This album is amazing...great sound and great lyrics. cant wait till the next album comes out - ulmx...

Awesome sound, great lyrics and unique style! Why only four songs though? I want more! Keep rockin' and keep the songs/albums coming!!! A MUST buy! - Da H


Remnants EP - 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Denver, Colorado’s For A Few released their freshman EP, “Remnants” in December of 2006. Recorded by Tom Pfaeffle (Gatsby’s American Dream, Fear Before the March of the Flames, and Heavy Heavy Low Low among others), the album showcases the diversity of sound, influences, and personalities of a band who are primed to take music to a whole new level.

Formed in early 2006, For A Few originally had 4 members: Jason Zolman (lead guitar); Alex Gillette (bass); Roger Eimer (guitar/vocals); and Ben Richter (drums). All came from other established bands with differing backgrounds but with a common vision: For A Few is not a hobby; it is a career. Jon McKinney was brought in after the release of the EP to create a fuller sound. The band is always reaching for the largest, purest sound possible.

Self sufficient and armed with a strong work ethic and drive, For A Few has recorded, promoted, and toured without outside help or influence. This independence fuels their sound. No two songs are alike, and no one could accuse them of being a knock off of any up-and-coming band. Their songs are not written with classifications in mind either; such as here's the "punk anthem", this is the "screamo song", and this one is the "rock ballad". Each member of the band is a perfectionist at heart. Writing sessions are open forums; anyone can submit material, but only the best ideas are kept.

For A Few has fans in cities across the U.S. because of their live shows. Anyone who comes is guaranteed to have a great time. Every show has an energy infused pit. It’s not uncommon to witness body surfing, pillow fights, and even rioting from time to time. Every show closes with the crowd coming up on stage during the song, “Seven Years.”

Every musician took that first step (guitar lessons e.g.), because they at one point in their lives were moved by a band’s music. To be “that band” for just one person would be a dream. What an honor it would be to be associated with a person’s memory forever. It wouldn’t hurt either to have a song that a person would want to play in their car on a nice day with the windows rolled down, driving fast, with no traffic in sight, and singing along at the top of their lungs.

The future is bright for For A Few. They will keep on working hard, writing new music, winning fans over, putting on amazing shows, and as one fan put it, “rocking faces” until there is no face left un-rocked.