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I'm an emcee, poet, singer, brain surgeon and all around hip hop purist. Personal lyrics, infinite versatility, quick wit, and songs that force you to break your rewind button are some of the things that make up my music. In fact enough talk just listen.........


Born in our nation's capitol, as Garrick Perry, Force was introduced to Hip-Hop at an early age by his father, a D.C. area D.J. He grew up surrounded by the sounds of house parties and immersed in songs of legends such as Afrika Bambaataa, and Kurtis Blow. Garrick quickly gained a profound love and appreciation for Hip-Hop culture.

After spending countless hours in his father's basement studying Hip-Hop's forefathers and honing his craft and unique style, the boy who would be Force began sharing his love of verse with his peers on school playgrounds. That was where he found his calling.

During his middle and high school years, Force spit verses to anyone who would listen to him. It was at local coffeehouses where Force gained his emcee chops and developed his skilled phrasing and clever writing style. After moving to Western, MA to attend Amherst College, it was only a few short months before Force became lead vocalist for a local Hip-Hop/ Funk band which allowed him to lay his trademark smooth vocals over everything from Digable Planets tunes to Herbie Hancock classics.

While in college, he led a number of bands, which fused jazz, classical, and rock music with pure Hip-Hop flavor. Force tore through the five college scene, and quickly established himself as one of the Valley's hungriest new artists. After graduation, Force settled down in the Valley and formed the Hip-Hop trio known as Rival School with fellow Amherst alums Trauma (James Reed) and Ages (Andrew Unger). The three crafted a number of songs and performed with acts such as The Beatnuts, E3 and up and coming star Miri Ben Ari.

The collaboration was short-lived, but Force…not one to give in to setbacks, embarked on his solo career and quickly established himself in the Northampton music scene. From co-creating Northampton's first weekly Hip-Hop showcase, Speakeasy, to hosting a number of open mics and M.C. battles, he has unwaveringly sought to share his passion for hip hop with others.

Force's continual involvement in the Hip-Hop scene has shown that he is more than capable of holding his own, recently sharing the stage with artists such as Breez Evahflowin, Grand Buffet, and the Heiruspecs.



Written By: Force (G. Perry)

Let’s cut to the chase baby I’ve got issues to sort
I’m wishing the tissues that you used were removed from your thoughts
and if it was whispered, then this is what I meant from our talks.
I miss your support, you’d walk over water to help me
all of my selfish reasons you held me.
For clarity this is therapy for my mind
when you stare at me with those eyes it’s like peering at the divine
an apparently I’ve been hiding I’m trying to find why I’m lying
in bed, crying my environment is tiring might of been I admit a bit out of fear
wasn’t fair but if there was a way to change it I wasn’t aware
and I swear that I’m striving to be a better man.
It’s scary cause rhyming’s the only way I can
show you who I am threw away a chance once
and still the answers don’t add up my math’s not the matter
irrational data our past an our passion’s been battered
a natural disaster the pattern I’m having an that’s when I’m asking
are Angels from Chatham?

Refrain: (William Grabek Jr.)
I shine for you
You shine in me

With these affairs of the heart it’s easy to start
but hard when the thoughts you harbor of all that you lost
and all that it cost cause you to toss.
I’m turning, still learning to deal with it
the deal is the sex appeal is still hidden.
Yes, I’m still smitten if I could forget it
I wouldn’t, but wouldn’t it be simple just to finish?
Just a minute I rushed up in it
I must admit it was lust, but trust... us I meant it.
Every word that I uttered or phrase that I said laying in bed
cradling your head maybe I had been a bit...
vague, but baby you were the one
the stars rose, sun shone solely for you
and I wondered if what I had glimpsed could really be
suddenly you were feeling me, but we shouldn’t be
but shouldn’t we take a chance I’m a gambling man
been dealt the perfect hand. Heaven help me to understand
how one man at one time has two loves
and a third with words. It’s certain something must be wrong.


A pretty predicament if ever there was. Said it because
unsettling struggle for love, none of this was
planned. What if my one chance at romance
was ruined due to my choosing a usual suitor
unsuitable sooner or later playing with fire gets you burned
and in spite of what I learned no denying life was turned
over in only a moments notice I noticed I wasn’t focused
approached impulsively mostly engrossed in totally
hopeless dreaming always seems grass is greener on the side
where you seem to never lie and I seem to analyze
every single second, the second that I was single
I singled out someone in suffering such has been sort of my sustenance
supplemental psychological symptom of a single source of parenting
Force inherited poor marriage experience
seriously seeking to save engaged in soul searching
I pray the days lurking I can say to be certain
now the curtains drew back so the truth can be shown
it’s easy to break hearts but only fools shatter their own.


Fractional Discourse- 2000
Mind's Eye Mixtape- 2004
Time Will Tell -"coming soon"

Set List

I normally do half an hour to 40 minute solo sets although when performing with my band we do about 2hrs. My solo set currently includes the following tracks
Danger Room
The Arrival
They Call Me

throw in a few freestyles here and there an it's a wrap