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FORCE 5 RECORDS is an indie label that bucks the trends and puts out music from true artists that love to make music. Genre's need not apply to this label. Music is music. Period. No artificial flavors needed.


THE DRP has been involved with music for some time. He spends much of his time touring with his metal act, SORE. He has toured the country and opened for many of the genre's biggest acts including Cypress Hill, Kottonmouth Kings, Do or Die, Vanilla Ice, Saliva, Hedpe, Drowning Pool, Ill Nino, Mushroomhead and many more. SORE's first release sold more than 6,000 copies all independently through show sales and online sales. His first rap/metal track he produced over 6 years ago has been released in Japan on the Initial D soundtrack cd along with a SORE track, and was also featured in the Initial D anime series which is one of Japan's biggest selling DVD's selling over 4 million copies worldwide! THE DRP's upcoming solo cd, Underground Kills Corporate has guest appearances by New York hip hop legend, RA the Rugged Man, and Phoenix, AZ indie powerhouse, Intrinzik as well as rare solo appearance by MC UD of Hedpe. Combined these three acts have sold in excess of 1 million albums! THE DRP has been busy putting his thunderous live show together which features a live dj (DJ Loveless), a live percussionist/drummer (MAZ), and another MC (ROC). They have played out the last few months with DJ Abilities of the Rhymesayers label and RA the Rugged Man with a tour of the midwest and west coast to follow this summer.

40 OZ FIST is a six piece band that formed in August of 2005 in Milwaukee, WI. Playing a fast-paced punk-styled death metal mixed with various "core" influences of metal. The band consists of Matt Michuda (bass) Doug Crum (guitar) Burnout (guitar) Sean mason (drums) Ron mason (vocals) and Dan Wooten (vocals). Each member has been playing in bands for close to a decade, and is dedicated to their respective crafts. They came together from such bands as Products of Hate, Branded at Birth, and Sore. They also feature current members of No Class Citizen, and various un-named solo projects and collaborations. In a current world atmosphere of greed, death, destruction and war, sometimes you need a way out. For 40oz Fist, this is the way out. Focusing all of the pain and negativity in their lives and the surrounding world into their music, priding themselves on a vicious and violent form that self-expression to simply convey this message... "Life's a bitch, and we're going to tell you why we feel that way. All we want is to continue to say what we need to, as a defense from all of the crap that goes on in daily life. We need to come together as humans, to simply understand each other better. I believe that human nature will never allow "world peace" or any kind of silly notion like that. There are on the other hand some like minded people that can work together, to at least make a "home" for each other in this world. That is what we're all about." 40oz Fist intends to release this message, and spread it to as many people that are willing to listen. "Life isn't all roses, but at least we can stand together to help each other deal with it."

SORE is a band from Milwaukee, WI that was formed in December of 2000...They have toured nationally and opened for many recognizable bands including HEDpe, Mushroomhead, 40 Below Summer, Cypress Hill, Powerman 5000, Andrew W.K., Soil, Dope, Candiria, Saliva, and many more...Their first release in 2002, "Source of Raw Energy" was used to help them tour and many of the songs have been released and featured in movie soundtracks and video games as well as featured in 4 different ESPN soundtracks including the Summer X Games (2004) and Winter X Games (2004)...There also was a video shot for the song, "Position" which has been featured on many syndicated music shows in the midwest including, "Heavy Pork"...The band is now in the studio with Command Records recording their follow up tentatively titled, "Ruckus Music"...Watch for them on tour this summer...


SORE: Source of Raw Energy (Released 2003)

THE DRP: Underground Kills Corporate (Released 2007)

40 OZ FIST: Let's Fight About It (Released 2006)

Set List

40 OZ FIST: Half an hour to 45 minutes.
Typical set:
1. Your way of life
2. Break free
3. Try to hold me down
4. Lesser of two evils
5. My known
6. 1 nail short a savior
7. Shock and awe
8. Full of shit
9. What's yours is mine
10. Attention starved
11. Pop's secrect
12. Punch me it hurts more
13. Shits ka-bob
14. Come get some
15. Bacon ring
16. Fight or flight
17. Point the finger

THE DRP: Half an hour to an hour.
Typical Set
1. No Need for Introduction
2. Here We Go
3. Mic Crusha
4. We Livin It
5. The Real
6. Freestyle
7. Pipe Dreamer
8. I Bleed Hip Hop
9. Black Sheep's, The Choice is Yours

SORE: Half an hour to an hour
Typical Set
1. Phoenix
2. Karma
3. Foolish Pride
4. H8ters
5. Sore Spot
6. Namesake
7. Position
8. Christian Vanity
9. Helmet and House of Pain's Just Another Victim