The Fussy Part

The Fussy Part

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magine music as a metaphor for the landscape of Canada—from rough unpredictable mountains to beautiful calm forests to reassuring prairie farmland. Now imagine your schizophrenic neighbour running across that landscape in a dress with a knife in his hand. What would that sound like?


The Fussy Part can be described as both beautiful and coarse, offering ethereal soundscapes and conjoined guitar melodies. Their original compositions are filled with complex and rich arrangements, bringing a refreshing breeze to the live music scene in Fredericton. Audiences can open their minds to haunting guitar rifts and electronic interludes. Nothing can quite prepare you for this eccentric and alluring performance.


Julie (2010)
Forward Music Sampler (2008)
Ben EP (2007)

Set List

Set typically consists of 40-60 minutes of intense instrumental highs and lows