Force Major

Force Major

 Rockville, Maryland, USA

We are Force Major, a progressive punk rock trio from Rockville, Maryland.
We also play TECHNO/CLUB music live!


Force Major (FM) is a powerful progressive punk rock band from Rockville,
Maryland. Since their inception in 2005, FM have self–released 3 albums: Path to The Sky (2005), Two Extremes (2009), and Turbulence (2010). Their music is marked by the fusion of many music genres, including progressive rock, punk, and classical music from both Europe and America, and their success stems from a unique combination of talent, friendship, and humor.
Force Major know how to electrify an audience, and the energy at their live shows is contagious.



Written By: Kirill Romanov

So you're sipping on your coffee
and pondering on life
desiphering that sequal
of the never-ending strife

Just know you're not the only one
who feels, no knows, the truth
and thats the best approach to anything
that doesn't need the proof!

Just feel the vibe again!
And try your best to understand
Believe until the end
and smile at

Every new beginning
has that old beginning's scent
and that jut comouflages people
who have never seen regret

So I propose we step it up a nothc
and drink to all we have
to the ambitions that we render
to all these simple gifts we get!

Yeah, feel the vibe again
Try your best to understand
believe until the end

Sometimes I wish I told you
everything I've kept away
sometimes I wish for something crazy
and salute a valid threat
but all I ever get
and all we'll ever get
is one more chance
or one more bet
to obliterate the debt

Yeah, feel that vibe again
and leave behind your spell
and learn to breathe again
then you'll understand!

LOL song

Written By: Force Major

Lets have some fun tonight and drink
and dance until your eyes can't blink
lets be as loud as we can
hey hey hey hey

I'll tell you what look at those girls
take your best game and play along
we'll show them tricks they cannot do
I know they'll stay

'cause we're so cool! Right?
yeah! We're so cool
We are the ones to bring you up
because we like to party hard

You are so cool!
Yeah you're so cool!
If you can hang in there all night
and morning Pho is your delight!
You are so cool

Lets sing along to this guitar
and then make out in the car
while driving to the nearest pool
thats what we do, thats how we roll

We might go clubbing for a change
drink three long islands to stay sane
hang out in the VIP
I want you here, so come with me!

'Cause you're so cool!
You are the one to bring me up
I know its true and I'm not drunk

You are so cool
yeah you're so cool
But will you hang with me all night
and drink some shots to make it right?RIGHT?!!

Lets loosen up and make a scene
I wanna touch you, be my queen
I know you like to be obscene
don't wait for me, the light is green
green green green green green green green
party party party partyyyyy

You're so cool, So cool
You're so cool, so cool

I've never really been uptight
I'll chase that vodka with a sprite
and wear my shades throughout the night

And when the party is winding down
we'll get back home and fool around
I'll wake up naked at the pool
and all is well, cause we're so cool!

Far Away

Written By: Force Major

every day and every Word
every scene and every clone
we make the rules
we play the fools
we like to make it seem its cool
and pay the price with lullabies
believing it will be alright
what future holds is for the show
so let it be and let it go,

If only you could turn your back on time
and say the things you'd never think
could change our worlds tonight
and bring new meaning to those words
long lost or disuise
and all of this just happens
in a glitch of time
ever wonder why?

on and on and on we go (Far Away)
remember me, remember you
that cheap cologne distorts our zone
the inspiration of unknown
the runs the guns the simple stunts
the things you do to make it fun
the fiction orbit of the sun
is yours

When you think
there's nothing left to say
no reason to complain/explain
sit tight and drink champagne
cause when you play the game
you might just grow insane
and see the true array
of things you'd never say... never say

On and on and on we go
remember me, remember you
that cheap cologne distorts our zone
the inspiration of unknown
the runs the guns the simple stunts
the things you do to make it fun
the fiction orbit of the sun
is yours to dream on life to come
Far Away Far Away


album Path to The Sky (2005)
album Two Extremes (2008)
album Turbulence (2010)

Set List

Force Major set lists:

30 original songs (2 full sets)

20 modern rock covers (1 full set), by bands such as: Muse, 3 Doors down, Fuel, 30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park, Placebo, Anti-Flag, Blink 182, etc.

DANCE/Techno (1 full set), performed with guest female singer. Songs included from artists such as: ATB, LMFAO, Lady Gaga, Tiesto, Edward Maya, Chambawamba, Yves LaRock etc. Perfect for a dance club scene.