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With Battle of the Bands officially coming to an end, last night the crowd at Quarters was buzzing in anticipation before the announcement of who wold take home the big tittle. After some deliberation, For Days were announced as the big winners. Catching up with them after the show, there is no doubt that Martin Capdevila, Steve Male, Ben Van Mierlo, Jordan Thomson and Will Mountain were ecstatic about winning the prize. "We get one all inclusive, which is 16 hours in the recording studio. I guess that means we are going to have one full studio song out soon. It'll be our single!!" Capdevila laughed.
When asked which single that would be, the band all had the same answer. "Well... it's going to be a point of contention. Either 'Awkward' or 'Out of Reach'. It will be a vote probably." While their myspace has a couple of recorded tracks already, they seemed excited to get into the studio to make a professional recording. Although For Days have plans for future recording, they never take themselves too seriously, and clearly exude a sense of camaraderie between themselves. Jamming with each other since their first year at McMaster, the band got together with a mutual appreciation for making music. " We all lived in the same residence, and would jam in common room. it just started as us playing around and then we met Sarah who played the violin, and though it would be really cool to add that. Most recently we added Steve into the band." Capdevila explains with six members in the band, the writing process can get complicated. Capedevila admitted that "It's hard to collaborate with a six person band" however they have learned to not only deal with it, but use it to their advantage. As rhythm guitarist Ben Van Mierlo best explained, the guys seem to appreciate each other's input and opinions. "We've gotten a process now where Martin will write a song on an acoustic guitar then bring it to us. It works best when one of us will bring an idea, and then we all go to work on it." While the band is open to everyone's ideas, at the same time they are not afraid to be brutally honest with each other. "We will cut it up if it's absolutely terrible" Van Mierlo admited. With the collaborative writing process, it is no surprise that the band brings in a variety of musical influences that help define their sound.
When asked how they would describe their sound, For Days came up with a myriad of genres. Although it may be difficult for them to answer, their response proves that For Days can't just be lumped into the ever-so-vauge "indie" genre. While the band definitely has an alternative rock sound, their influences in experimental and progressive music is evident throughout their instrumentals. " We draw influences from all over the place" Capdevila summed up.
Although the band is happy with their recent win, when asked about what they hope for their future, they had high ambitions. "Ever see the show Entourage?" Van Mierlo laughed. WHile this life would be great, truth be known, the guys hope for nothing more than to be able to play music for people who want to hear it. - The Sil - McMaster University


The Complete EP
You Know You Are - EP



The original members of the band met at McMaster University in 2005. Playing and generating a formula for songwriting took them into the early part of 2007, when they established themselves as an active group. At this point the band experimented musically and recorded a few demo tracks as they struggled to find a definitive sound. As a five-piece band, they developed a small reputation in the Hamilton music scene, playing locally. Their music, once defined by the presence of a violin has since evolved into the ambient and alternative sound, unique to the group. With their success around McMaster, the group settled on its current member lineup after a time of uncertainty about their direction. Each member brought their own musical background and perspectives to the table and subsequently went into the studio to record their debut EP, You Know Who You Are.
For Days is first and foremost a musical experience. Their live show is unique and full of energy. Never does the band, with the utmost commitment to their audience, fail to deliver an awe-inspiring performance. Lead vocalist Martin Capdevila’s voice soars above the alternative rock structure supported by Ben Van Mierlo and Will Mountain. Jordan Thomson’s ambient guitar echoes throughout the songs adding an indie and almost experimental flair to the music. His light melodies fit perfectly into the raw sound of the rest of the band. Rhythmically, drummer Steve Male’s interweaving of simplicity and complexity gives each song a catchy, driving underbelly that is marking of the For Days sound—it will get you moving!
Their live performances are noteworthy for the bands ability to interact with the audience and to get people singing and dancing.
Musically, For Days has no single definitive categorizing genre, but have been described as emotional, experimental, ambient alt-rock with pop sensibilities.