Ford Pier/Ford Pier Vengeance Trio
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Ford Pier/Ford Pier Vengeance Trio

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE | AFM

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE | AFM
Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




"Pier somehow does what so many have failed to do in the past, welding the disparate parts together into something whole, something that is actually stronger for all of its inconsistencies and contradictions."

- Vue


"Dissonant but ultimately fond of a good melody... soaring, compelling bravado"
- Exclaim!


"The Official Album of Not Suffering Fools Gladly. Also not suffered gladly: autopilot melodies, go-along-to-get-along lyrics, lowered volume and noodling. Caustic and refreshing."

- CKUA Radio

"Ford Pier"

"Pier makes beauty out of chaos, resulting in an incredibly listenable record. 4 Stars." - Chart Magazine

"Pier-ic Victory"

" thing's for sure: Ford Pier will continue to give performances that lead some to question his sanity, but not his genius." - The Georgia Straight, April 2004 - The Georgia Straight

"Ford Pier: A man on an excellent rampage"

". . . This excellent disc should have an advisory that reads: Contents Under Pressure, Open at Your Own Risk." - The Globe And Mail

"Pier Pressure"

"If Canadian music ever handed out an award for Most Eclectic Indie Resume, the first space on the trophy belongs to Ford Pier. . ."
- Winnipeg Free Press

"Hillside 2005"

Ford Pier is one of the most talented and entertaining fellows you're ever likely to meet. With that talent comes mountains of obtuse ideas that try to be encapsulated in a single song. - Guelph Mercury


Adventurism - Released July 20, 2009

Organ Farming - Released June 2007, Six Shooter Records, Saved By Vinyl

Pier-ic Victory - Released May 2004, Six Shooter Records.

Besides - Released online, Sept. 2000

12-Step Plan, 11-Step Pier - Released 1999, Sudden Death Records.

Meconium - Released 1995, Wrong Records.



Ford: v.t. to cross by wading (Webster)
Pier: n. a disappointed bridge (Joyce)

Having cut his teeth playing a variety of intruments in a host of bands in a panoply of styles throughout his youth, Ford Pier set his hand in earnest to writing and performing his own songs in the mid-1990's. His stated objective was to effectively cage Black Flag and Richard Wagner in a pop song, but kept on thwarting his own design with a melodicism he was powerless to escape, and a deft lyricism which drew attention to itself. In a good way.
His '95 debut release on NoMeansNo's Wrong Records, Meconium, was a 14-song mosaic of raging post-punk, true-blue country, folk balladry, and avant-garde soul of which The Vancouver Sun's Katherine Monk was moved to write, "If one indie release could speak for the West Coast, this is the one."
Former bandmate Joey Shithead of D.O.A. released the sophomore offering, 12-Step Plan, 11-Step Pier, in 1999 on his Sudden Death label. The record's denser, almost symphonic character was a nod to the amount of chamber music Pier had been composing, and the neo-classical-inflected orchestrations he had been doing for Vancouver songwriter Veda Hille, with whom he toured Europe and North America extensively.
The touring rhythm section he had built up around himself at this time formed the basis for a deliberately scaled-down thirteen-song collection released gratis on his website in 2000. Entitled Besides, it acted as a clearing-house for some of Pier's more straightforward genre-identifiable songs, and commenced the bow-drawing process for the next full album.
That record was entitled Pier-ic Victory, and was released in 2004 by Six Shooter Records. Working for two years on and off with producer Michael Phillip Wojewoda, Ford issued his strongest statement yet of true pan-disciplinary pop fusion, playing up formerly latent groove-oriented elements in the music to compliment the expanded orchestral colours and more extreme noise elements. It was enthusiastically received by press and public alike, and led to more touring throughout Canada and Europe, sharing the stage with the likes of The Organ, The Weakerthans, NoMeansNo, Chris Brown and Kate Fenner, The Constantines, Sarah Harmer, and, by special invitation, the reformed Alice Donut in New York City.
He also found time to move to Toronto, participate in a concert of his own music for wind ensemble with the Hard Rubber Orchestra, appear on records by Buttless Chaps, Great Aunt Ida, and Martin Tielli, perform regularly as a guest with The Sadies, The Rheostatics, Carolyn Mark and others, and preside over the wedding nuptials of two friends. He also bought not one, but two beds, and destroyed the first car he ever owned.
Summer of 2007 saw the release of the EP Organ Farming, available exclusively in download and 12" vinyl formats. Having resettled in Vancouver, B.C. Ford is now gearing up to spring the album Adventurism on an eager and impatient public. Recorded in Toronto with drummer Don Kerr during the same sessions as the EP, Adventurism's thirteen songs display a leaner, meaner approach, incorporating harsher sounds and more strident melodies. This is what Schoenberg wrote of as "freeing the dissonance."
Adventurism is set for release on the fortieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.