Ford Thurston

Ford Thurston


Classic Country Rock"- a blend of rock infused country, sizzling hot guitar layered over catchy melodies create a new experience in country music. Wavering between traditional country and rock, the music is a mix of Johnny Cash, Eagles and Jon Bon Jovi.


Ford Thurston's foundational background as an amazing country blues guitarist has served him well in his writing, recording and performing endeavors in funk, pop and rock. It has been a journey marked by smashing success, critical acclaim, and loyal eclectic fans.

After an intense period of personal and creative growth, a new dawn breaks for this dynamic artist. In his self titled project, Ford Thurston reemerges with a new vibrancy, musical maturity and a country flair that draws influences from his well-rounded past.

Thurston and his band of seasoned performers take you on a musical journey that combines aw shucks sensibility with a twist of sincere sentimentality and lyrics that convey universal feelings of love- won & lost, happiness and longing. It's music that encourages the listener to ponder whether this is country, rock or pop.

Ford Thurston has gained local and regional recognition as a up-and-coming force to be reckoned with. His dynamic heartfelt style has lead to opening performances for such acts as Lonestar, Travis Tritt, Gary Allan, and Billy Currington. The last of which garnered a rave review in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. His songs have been featured on both country and rock radio stations across his home state of Pennsylvania, as well as, Alabama, Tennessee, and XM Satellite radio.

A "Charismatic dynamo" on stage, Thurston has been picking since the age of 8 and playing paying gigs since the age of 15. Thurston has played with a number of bands including, Barbara Blue, Taj Mahal, Brownie Mary and Vibro Kings. His influences draw from a wide range of artists including, B.B. King, Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, The Mavericks, kd lang, John Melloncamp, Eagles, Ryan Adams, Sheryl Crow, U2, Lucinda Williams, Vince Gill, Kiss and Van Halen.

This music is sure to continue to attract the attention of radio programmers, film and TV producers and will have critics using terms like reinvented, infectious and original.

Its melody that's shakeable and music that speaks to the heart. Ford Thurston's music is as much an homage to Country's heart and the roots of the blues as it is the very definition of popular music's future.


Ford Thurston (CD) : 2006 - "These Kind of Days" and "Kentucky High" have been featured on radio in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Alabama and XM Satellite Radio.

Set List

The typical set list includes songs from the CD interspersed with some cover songs. Some of the cover songs are: "Paper and Fire" John Mellon Camp; "Tonight I'm Stayin Here with You" Bob Dylan; "Rocket Man" Elton John; "Sea of Heartbreak" Johnny Cash; "Just Comes Natural" George Strait; "Essence" Lucinda Williams "The Night the Bottle Let Me Down" Merle Haggard