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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Indie




"Forebear shares new song “Eon” — listen"

"...Their latest single, “Eon”, carries the intensity of these ideas with thrilling dynamics. Right away the song opens with skittering guitar strums and furious drumming. Violist Molly Rogers’ sweet string melodies only add to the tension, creating a sensation of collision. There are brief moments of relief when the instrumentation breaks down, only to find the band jumping immediately back into the mayhem. It’s an exhilarating testament to the band’s abilities that they’re able to build such a monolithic piece while simultaneously keeping the song from succumbing to inertia." - Consequence of Sound

"People's Champ [TMN Premiere]"

"...“People’s Champ” is a wonderful first taste of Forebear’s impending EP -a poignant and dazed track narrating the story of lost love through a drizzling and reverb soaked vocal, hazy guitars and melodic hooks and we can’t wait to consume even more of their uniquely detailed sound. We’re getting all primed and excited for the rest of Cody, but for now, revel in all that is Forebear’s shiny and new ‘TMN Premiere’ “People’s Champ” above." - The Music Ninja

"Bands to Watch in 2015: 12 up-and-coming local acts"

These four, formerly known as Wise Cub, boast both outstanding musicianship and outstanding songs. - TimeOut LA


"...The minute I heard Los Angeles’ Forebear this past winter, I was smitten. Blending cinematic indie rock with just enough 90’s alt-rock nostalgia to remind you of your childhood, the band manages to capture the struggle between our interpersonal crises and living in the age of constant awareness of global tensions with a substance unheard from the masses lately." - The Daily Listening

"Stream: Forebear, People's Champ"

"...They return this week with the new single “People’s Champ,” an emotional affirmation that finds Scott Goldbaum’s youthful vocals, here switching between effects, pining above Molly Rogers’ sawed viola. It has a filmic quality without a lot of gloss; owing to their exacting compositons, Forebear continues to make a lot out of little." - Buzzbands LA

"Attention Music Enthusiasts"

Attention music enthusiasts: Make room for Forebear – a Los Angeles-based indie rock group that’s been releasing hot tracks since 2014. Comprised of band members Scott Goldbaum (Vocals, Guitar), Mike Musselman (Drums), Molly Rogers (Viola, Vocals, Keys), and Nick Chamian (Bass, Vocals), Forebear has been gaining attention from such musical royalty as producer Scott Gordon (Ringo Starr, Alanis Morissette).

Their new single, “People’s Champ“, off of their latest EP, ‘Cody’, features dynamic instrumentation paired with the raw, moving voices of Forebear. Have a listen above and make sure to follow the group on Twitter and Soundcloud. - New Sick Music

"Free Bike Valet Premiers "Cusp""

Based out of Woodland Hills, Forebear is an indie rock act focused on delivering a “surreal listening experience” via “classical and cinematic influences.” By intertwining their voices and instruments, their songs often lead to an impressive level of grandeur. But it’s Molly Rogers’ viola that truly stirs the band’s soul. Here’s their latest single, “Cusp,” off their forthcoming debut EP dropping November 18th: - Free Bike Valet

"Forebear Plays"

Forebear, originally Wise Cub, formed in 2011, though their raw talent would suggest they've been playing together far longer. Scott Goldbaum's guitar work is transient and breathtaking. He plays with experience reminiscent of a long-gone classical era with influences of Spanish guitar juxtaposed with modern indie rock vocals. Goldbaum's brilliant stylings aside, the band is not short of inspired instrumentalists. With Molly Rogers on viola, keys and vocals, Mike Musselman on drums and Nick Chamian on bass, the band meanders through various genres with the skill set of a seasoned band. Their new track, "North Korea & The Five Stages of Grief", showcases the effervescence and ease they have championed in playing together. Harmonies between Goldbaum and Rogers are ethereal and the track finishes memorably with a graceful viola solo by Rogers. - The Deli Magazine

""Wandering Star" By Forebear (Cover)"

Cinematic indie rockers Forebear return with a cover of Portishead‘s “Wandering Star.” Far from the experimental trip-pop original, the band replaces digital beats with striking riffs, alternates coed vocals, and adds a viola solo for a more classical interpretation. The result is genuinely original yet just as edgy. - Free Bike Valet

"Ears Wide Open: Forebear"

In February, the L.A. quartet known as Wise Cub released an EP of elegant, heartfelt folk-pop titled “Gallows,” conspicuous for the youthful vocals of singer-guitarist Scott Goldbaum, its boy/girl harmonies and the string flourishes provided by Molly Rogers. The quartet, which includes Nick Chamian on bass and Mike Musselman on drums, has reloaded under the name Forebear, expanding their sound and preparing a new Scott Gordon-produced EP. The ambitious new single “North Korea and the Five Stages of Grief” embraces a big metaphor en route to Rogers’ viola interlude, and “Cusp” assembles Goldbaum’s stream-of-consciousness lyrics into something dire but pretty. The former song is available as a free download below; the EP is out next week. - buzzbands

"Concert Review: Forebear at the Slidebar"

“Forebear expertly mixes harmonizing vocals with a range of instruments from drums played passionately by Mike Musselman, to viola so amazingly captivating that it draws the whole song together, courtesy of Molly Rogers. Scott Goldbaum on vocals and guitar provided such emotional force behind the lyrics of his songs that I almost needed to take a moment to process everything, while Nick Chamian lent not only his bass as the backbone of the songs, but also gave those of us in the crowd energy and inspiration with his dancing and jumping around the stage.” - KX 93.5 FM


..."Forebear take drops of classics, rock and frustrations of life to produce music which feeds the brain with a mesmeric soundscape of evolution." - Emerging Indie Bands

"Band Feature: Forebear"

"Dreamy, and charismatic, with a beautiful balance of atmosphere and push. I sense some hints of Jimmy Eat World and Death Cab, coupled with modernized CSNY-esque harmonies that are very emotive and memorable."
- Eric Lilavois, Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Musician / Songwriter (Saint Motel, Dustbowl Revival, Smokey Brights

Forebear flawlessly weaves together cinematic indie rock with a truly unique voice and spectacular harmonies taking listeners on a surreal experience. Capturing the struggle between our interpersonal crises and living in the age of constant awareness of global tensions of wars glooming overheard, Forebear puts into words the feelings that are always so difficult to express ourselves. - Unkovr Magazine

"Artist Showcase"

“This dynamite group is creating some of the most diversified and fulfilling Indie Rock music in the scene, but few people know it yet…When bands like Forebear arise with this degree of talent, there is no way of holding in the excitement of what is to come… The more this band creates, the more potential will be revealed, proving that the sky is the limit for Forebear. Music fans should certainly keep tabs on this incredible group.”

Many of the Indie Rock bands out there try for originality by ultimately doing all the same things. Dreamy guitar riffs, atmospheric tension, and quirky lyrics have filled the ears of Indie listeners for decades, and it is time for something fresh. This is where Forebear makes its entrance. In Los Angeles, California, four musicians combined their unique musical elements to create Forebear and record a stellar debut EP. The band consists of Scott Goldbaum (vocals/guitar), Mike Musselman (drums), Molly Rogers (viola/vocals/keys), and Nick Chamian (bass/vocals). This dynamite group is creating some of the most diversified and fulfilling Indie Rock music in the scene, but few people know it yet.

Many can argue that it’s nearly impossible to form a solid opinion or idea of a band with only four tracks, but Forebear reel the listener in with the first note. Their self-titled EP smoothly touches on many different styles. “Who Writes off Who” pairs soft breaths of melody with a pounding rhythm and potent guitar riffs, making this the most complicated and beautiful of their tracks. Everything they provide instrumentally is extremely intricate and pleasing to the ear, like the blissful and deep guitar pattern that flows throughout “Cusp.”

Each member adds his own individual style to the music as well. For example, the band uses Rogers’ expertise on the viola to compliment tracks like “North Korea and the Five Stages of Grief,” where her skillful playing highlights the track’s lingering ambiance and powerful presence. Every song on this EP is its own special treat, even what would seem to be the “generic acoustic track.” “Pigeons Eating Glass” is far from what one would expect a new band to create acoustically. The members of Forebear take all of their intricacies, versatility, beauty, and passion and soften them to create the gorgeous and warm-hearted ballad that closes out one of the most remarkable first impressions in the Indie music scene.

When bands like Forebear arise with this degree of talent, there is no way of holding in the excitement of what is to come. With a sophomore EP set for release this spring and much more to come, there couldn’t be a better time to hop on the Forebear train. The more this band creates, the more potential will be revealed, proving that the sky is the limit for Forebear. Music fans should certainly keep tabs on this incredible group. - Cryptic Rock

"Forebear Cover Portishead"

Rising SoCal quartet Forebear are busy this week, kicking off a West Coast short run tour yesterday in Fullerton and releasing a cover of Portishead‘s “Wandering Star” via Free Bike Valet. The cinematic indie rockers replaced the trip-hop digitalism with a viola solo and striking riffs to yield a classical, yet nonetheless, edgy interpretation of the original. - SuperGood Music

"Surreal Pop From Forebear"

Forebear does something most bands don’t– it includes vocal harmonies in indie rock, therefore elevating the band’s songs to something other than plain old pop or rock– Forebear makes what I’d call “surreal pop.” They’re like Fleetwood Mac for 2015. - Mark Weber

"North Korea and the Five Stages of Grief"

Offering up a vibrant snapshot of the band's overall sound, the stark purity of Forebear's "North Korea and the Five Stages of Grief" rings out in its achingly honest lyrics and unassuming rhythm, leaving you with articulate lines and memorable hooks you'll want to hear on repeat. - The Music Rag

"On the Rise"

“On the band's self-titled debut tour-de-force EP, the main theme circles around bonds and finding peace amongst each other in a world of constant struggle and chaos. Personal favorite, "Cusp," would have easily fit into Top 40 in the 90's, with an achingly superb chorus that'll make you wish for a time machine.” - buzznet

"Forebear Haunting and Beautiful"

“LA act Forebear is able to quite magnificently build upon a sound we have heard before and loved while deconstructing and updating it for the new musical climate we currently find ourselves in….their self-titled debut EP blends everything that is currently great about music while trimming any excess and arrogance.” - Ear to the Ground Music

"Center Stage: Forebear Was Inspired By NPR On New Orchestral EP"

Violist Molly Rogers brings a sweeping, orchestral sound to Forebear’s music, which layers bass (Nick Chamian) and drums (Mike Musselman) with Goldbaum’s earnest croons, overall recalling their inspirations of Damien Rice and Jeff Buckley. - Lyynks Music

"Song of the Day: Cusp - Forebear"

After a few months into their existence, the four-piece rockers caught the attention of famed producer/engineer Scott Gordon (Alanis Morissette, Ringo Star) and the result was their debut EP. Cusp made it to today’s hot spot as it features Goldbaum’s stream of conscious lyrics, Molly’s brooding viola solos and a velvety rock drive that’s rarely found today. - New Lease Music

"Interview: Forebear"

Meet Forebear, a brand new force in the alternative music scene that has quite a lot to offer. In just their debut EP, they introduce themselves with unique instrumentation and ingenious sounds. It takes them only four tracks to establish themselves in the music scene with an incredible and memorable style.

See more at: - Mind Equals Blown

"Make Music Pasadena Shines in its 8th Year"

Earlier, a large and loyal following filled the plaza for another local band. Forebear has a dark and brooding sound brewing underneath; like some dark soul biding its time to break free but its kept in check, as though frightened by a spark of lightness. That's the feel I got while listening to Forebear, the four piece band from Los Angeles who also performed on the Paseo Colorado Stage.

This day, it was the cascading strings and soaring vocals by both Scott and Molly that filled the air, often broken up by aggressive guitars and bruising drums. Consisting of Scott Goldbaum, Mike Musselman, Molly Rogers and Nick Chamian, Forebear balances the line between light and dark, hard and soft...rock and classical. You'd think, for a band, that would sound disastrous but Forebear seemlessly marries all these elements together and somehow makes it work. And it's mesmerizing. - Picksy Sticks


"The first time I heard “People’s Champ” by Los Angeles band Forebear, the song immediately brought confused tears to my eyes. Confused, because I wasn’t sure what caused the tears – whether it was the plaintive notes of viola in the intro and then flowing through the song as harmony and juxtaposition to the steady drumbeat guiding the song, or if it was the lyrics, fiercely personal but independently poetic in detailing the loss felt by the speaker...." - Atwood Magazine

"There's Something About..."

“… there’s a poignant, angsty Northwest indie emo rock sound blended in with Forebear’s orchestral sound that also reminds me of bands like Death Cab For Cutie and now defunct The Lonely Forest.” - I HEART MOOSIQ

"Morning Exercise Music Rundown"

There are some fabulous melodies, I really like the singer’s voice, but that ethereal guitar stuff is the winner. As are some of the lyrics, particularly this one line that really stopped me in my stride: “we are same sides of a different coin/permanently engraved with the year we were born” Just go and check out Forebear’s EP immediately. - Brad Spurgeon

"Forebear - Cusp"

All 4 tracks on Forebear‘s self-titled EP are absolutely class, for me though there was something about ‘Cusp‘ that made it so overwhelmingly alluring that I simply couldn’t look past it. Filled with some wonderful riffs coming from all corners of the aural soundscape, this delicately measured operation is pulled off as expertly as a magician’s tablecloth.

There does indeed seem like there’s something magical about this band of psychedelic-twinged indie clever-dicks, they’re making music that sounds as beautiful as an entire film score and fitting it into 5 minute chunks that tell a greater story than many film-makers will ever dream of. It holds within it the tightness of Jaco Pastorius-esque bass playing, guitar riffs that sound like they could be off-cuts from one of Clapton’s calmer efforts and, perhaps more importantly than anything else, there’s no denying that the band are all reading from exactly the same hymn sheet.

Perfect for watching the hours of a chilled out afternoon fly by, you’ll feel your heart-rate and your shoulders drop as you submerge yourself in the sounds of LA’s finest. - We Close Tonight

"Forebear Surprises with Self-Titled EP"

“Forebear has this natural energy and passion that can only be felt when a band is really hitting their stride. It just happens when the music becomes organic and is an extension of the band, which is what this album showcases.
Without a doubt, Forebear will be a band to watch in 2015.” - Celebrity Cafe

"Album Review - Forebear"

“It's ambitious and bold, and comes together superbly, never once threatening to tip over into bombast or collapse under the weight of its constituent parts.” - Record Rewind Play


“Sonically, the material possesses elements of indie rock, chamber pop and pop and it does so in a way that’s both intimate and sweepingly cinematic while bearing a resemblance to the likes of Scottish band Remember Remember, The National (although not as brooding), Melbourne, Australia’s Husky, and others.” - Joy of Violent Movement

""Delroy Lindo" Premiere"

..."Sonically, the song conjures up Local Natives hanging with suddenly string-obsessed Radiohead."... - Buzzbands LA


Still working on that hot first release.



Forebear flawlessly weaves together cinematic indie-rock with a truly unique voice and spectacular harmonies; giving a surreal listening experience. Capturing the struggle between our interpersonal crises and living in the age of constant awareness of global tensions, Forebear puts into words the feelings that are always difficult to express ourselves.

Composed of some of LA's most prolific musicians, the band met in early 2014 in Los Angeles professional music scene. Scott Goldbaum (formerly of Wise Cub) leads the band with beautiful and poignant vocals and melodic guitar, while classically trained Molly Rogers' viola adds a layer that is truly captivating. Mike Musselman (drums) and Nick Chamian (bass) round out the four-piece with one of the most impressive and methodical rhythm sections in indie rock today. Individually, the band members have worked with artists/bands including Journey, Randy Jackson, Keith Urban, Bastille, and Kimbra, among others.

After only a few months, Forebear quickly caught the attention of famed producer/engineer Scott Gordon (Alanis Morissette, Ringo Starr). Their debut Scott Gordon EP entitled Forebear begins with the ambitious "North Korea and The Five Stages of Grief" which was written by Goldbaum in his car, conveying a larger than life interpersonal drama, which is both grandiose and beautiful. "Cusp" highlights Goldbaum's stream of conscious lyrics, Molly's brooding viola solos and a driving rock rhythm section rarely found today. "Who Writes Off Who" is an intense heightened journey of hard driving guitar, loud bass, and dark viola. "Pigeons Eating Glass" rounds out the EP with heavy contrast, whispering vocals, and pretty classical guitar that gives contrast to dark and sentimental lyrics. 

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