Van Nuys, California, USA
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Our goal is to live our lives passionately committed to music, to spread its joy to all who hear ForeCast, and to be eclectic in our repertoire and style for the purpose of communicating our belief in the power of music, the Universal Force connecting all people. J. S. Floyd


New and hot on the horizon is a jazzy explosion of brotherly love personified by the collaboration of keyboard maestro Stafford Floyd and guitar master Jonathan Floyd. As a group they are ForeCast featuring “J. S. Floyd,” a new and distinguished duo destined to change the face and the taste of smooth jazz.
Fronted by the duo of the Floyd brothers, Jonathan and Stafford, ForeCast is a unique blend of guitar/keyboard-based smooth jazz. Both have built careers by working independently in many areas of the music business. Bringing their seasoned abilities together under one roof has ignited a music explosion that has to be experienced. Jonathan is an incredible guitar player that plays in a relaxed melodic style in the vein of Lee Ritenour. Stafford’s keyboard playing is incredible too, especially in regards to his full chord soloing. But what is so monstrous about this magnificent duo is their ability to play together in a way that is complementary and never crowded.
What is exciting and new is that now Jonathan has returned to Tinsel Town to team up with his brother Stafford to make their own history by mixing keyboards and guitar in a way that fans haven’t heard since the last George Duke-Stanley Clark collaboration. Putting all comparisons aside, the proof is in the music itself, when you hear it, you will feel it and you will move in a 2 jazzy, new jazzy and smooth jazzy kind of way.


ForeCast / The Choir Never Sings
ForeCast / Did You Hear That?
ForeCast / featuring J. S. Floyd
WBLS / N.Y. / Jazz From The City
TOKYO I / Jazz From The City
WKIS / N.Y. / Bumpers
U. S. Armed Forces Radio & Television

Set List

Tin Man • No Ho's
Voices • Uptown • Did You Hear That •
Love Suite • Fantasy
Change of Mind • Supermarket
Funkenuforu • Donny's Theme
Hangin' In The Valley • Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming • Caitlin • Sky Miles • Mamacita
The World Is A Ghetto • Waiting On You
Mama Cita • Care For Me • Cliff Diving