The perfect marriage of old and new - the intertwining of the sacred traditions of Guinea, West Africa with the excitement and drama of the modern stage. Fiery, explosive, and passionate, the Forè-Foté experience is a unique glimpse into music's past, present, and future.


Company Forè-Foté, meaning black and white in the Susu language of the western coast of Guinea, is an educational and performance organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the traditional music and dance of West Africa.

Founded by Master Djembe Drummer from Guinea, M. Lamine Dibo Camara and comprised of acclaimed international musicians from around the world, Forè-Foté is energizing and educating our modern "global community" in the sacred music and dance of the djembe orchestra from West Africa. Through fiery performances, master class workshops and expert multi-cultural lecture /demonstrations, Forè-Foté provides an amazing cultural exchange experience, devoid of racial, gender or ethnic bias where people of all color can experience the energy, grace and power of traditional African arts.

While steeped in the rich diversity and spirit of the major ethnic groups of the traditional core djembe playing culture, the music of Forè-Foté is infused with the imaginativeness of group founder M. Lamine "Dibo" Camara, whose heart-pounding arrangements of the rhythms he learned as a child bring the traditional a brilliant and contemporary twist. The perfect marriage of old and new, the intertwining of the sacred traditions of Guinea, West Africa with the excitement and drama of the modern stage. Fiery, explosive, and passionate, the Forè-Foté experience is a unique glimpse into music's past, present, and future. Masterfully crafted, all of the Forè-Foté musicians, dancers, and singers bring their own creativity to Lamine Dibo's stunning arrangements and leave audiences in awe time and time again.

The following is a very brief list of some of the many diverse performances appearances of the last few years.

Tours & Performances:

- Percussive Arts Society International Convention (Austin, TX 2006)

- Dunia Fare - Southern Oregon University (Ashland, OR.)

- West African Drum Dance and Culture Tour -CA, OR, WA, MT, UT NV - Sponsored in part by the National Endowment for the arts and the Northeastern Arts Alliance.

- "Black Ballad" at Grande Hall de la Villete, International Television Special. (Paris, France)

- World Festival of Sacred Music -- The Americas. (Los Angeles, CA USA)

- 18th Wats Towers Day of the Drum Festival. (Los Angleles, CA)

- Falun Folk Festival (Sweden)

- Luna Park (Hollywood, CA USA)

- W.O.W. Hall (Eugene, OR USA)

- The Unitarian Center - (Ashland, OR)

M. Lamine Dibo Camara

Nicknamed "Dibo" or "Rhythm Devil" for his incredible speed, technique, and phrasing, Lamine is a master djembe soloist from the Republic of Guinea, West Africa. He has performed and instructed throughout the world for over 30 years with top artists including National Ballet Djoliba, Les Ballets d'Afrique Noir, Lamine Conte, Jams Sylla, and jazz legend Dee Dee Bridgewater. Dibo is the founder of Company Fore-Fote and organizes and instructs at the Fore-Fote Guinea Workshop in West Africa.

Ryan M. Camara

Ryan M. Camara is an award-winning percussionist and educator. He received formal training in ethnomusicology as a student at UCLA and under went a traditional West African apprenticeship to Master Drummer M. Lamine Dibo Camara in Guinea, West Africa where he has studied since 1996. Ryan has been adopted into the Camara family of the Susu ethnic group and has performed with many of West Africa’s most famous artists including members of Les Ballets Africains and The National Ballet Djoliba, in tours and appearances around the world. Ryan has numerous recordings to his credit including, and is co-author of “West African Drum and Dance: A Yankadi-Macrou Celebration” from Alfred Publishing.

Ryan conducts workshops and lecture/demonstrations for major Universities, Jr. High and elementary schools, Percussive Arts Society Conferences, Music Educator Conferences and intensive workshops and retreats. Ryan is currently an Adjunct Professor of Music at Southern Oregon University, Artist in Residence for the Arts Council of Southern Oregon and the Artistic Director of the non-profit cultural performance organization, Denbaya, Inc. Ryan is sponsored by Peripole-Bergerault professional and educational Percussion instruments and Alfred Publishing. (

Aboubacar "Miguel" Camara

Aboubacar "Miguel" Camara was raised in the rich musical traditions of Guinea, West Africa. As the younger brother of Lamine Dibo, he quickly became an accomplished djembe accompanist and dancer and an expert in dunumba, sangban, and kenkeni. His international career began in 1988 with the first incarnation of Company Forè-Foté and since that time he has instructed and performed in Guinea, Senegal, Gambia, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Japan and the United States. Currently, he is head of the Company Forè-Foté School of Drum and Dance in Denmark and a yearly organizer and instructor at the Company Forè-Foté School in Guinea.

Nene Soumah

Nene Soumah is a master dancer from the Re


Wonbere - Fore-Fote 1999

Denbaya Instructional CD Series - Ryan M. Camara 2005

M. Lamine Dibo Camara Instructional CD Series - M. Lamine Dibo Camara - 2002

WRAP! West African Drum and Dance: A Yankadi-Macrou Celebration. Book, CD and DVD - Ryan M. Camara - Alfred Publishing 2007

Set List

60 min. - 120min. of high-energy West African music and dance interwoven with themed stories of traditional and current West Arican and muli-cultural topics.

Fore-Fote's unique set-list can provide the perfect entertaiment for a wide variety of events.

From the perfect music and dance show for your corporate event to full blown theatrical productions for the largest of stages, Fore-Fote can normally tailor make the perfect entertaiment experience for event!

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