Foreign Diplomats

Foreign Diplomats

 Saint-Sauveur, Quebec, CAN


Where do we start when writing a band bio? We always try to find an original way to pique your curiosity.
It could be done as an interview:
-Hi, where are you from?
-The Laurentians. Quebec. Canada.
-When did you start the band?
-In 2010.

One could also make a more profound and sensitive literary text, justifying our passion:
Music makes us feel like were flying to an unknown land. This is our reason to live. The magic that dances around us when we play keeps us going ...

One could write a story about band members that seems unreal (but would it really be?)
Thomas, trombonist, learned that he is part of a royal lineage that left him an incredible fortune, making him the ruler of a kingdom far, far away. He is also immortal and can fly.

Or go simple: we make music, we want to dance, we want you to dance, crack, boom, pow!


Foreign Diplomats - EP (2013)
5 songs streamed on university radio.