Foreign Elfest

Foreign Elfest


Danceable as Spoon and intelligent as the 1960's folk revivalists. Foreign Elfest's frantic, dynamic flavor of psychedelia is something to shake your hips to and keep your eyes on.


Back then Benj Hochfelder had just finished his 10th grade year in Kearney, Nebraska and Anna Schmidt was a fresh out of high school. In late May of 2005, an honor choir they were involved in toured the country of Costa Rica. One late night, Anna and Benj snuck out of their hotel huts and walked down to the water. Under the shadow of a volcano, Anna and Benj found their lips giving birth to the future.

After they returned home to their flat little streets, Anna and Benj’s music began to bloom. The two of them started spawning songs in her brother’s old bedroom with Anna drumming and Benj strumming. As summer came to a close, Anna left for college in Omaha, Nebraska. Benj was stuck in Kearney.

He drove eastward to see Anna in Omaha every other weekend. Three days before Christmas Day, Benj permanently packed up shop and moved to Omaha, despite his lack of a place to live. He was in eleventh grade. The music grew and spread.

One year passed, more musicians were brought into the band, and Foreign Elfest’s debut album, Blue Dirt / Red Carpet, was brought to life and released. From danceable to political, Foreign Elfest songs just tend make people move. Now Foreign Elfest is chanting their frantic flavor of psychedelic indie rock all over this country.


Foreign Elfest - Blue Dirt / Red Carpet (Full-Length)

Set List

Sets can last 30-60 minutes.
We play all original songs and usually play anywhere from 5-12 songs, depending on what is needed.