Foreign Monkeys
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Foreign Monkeys

Vestmannaeyjar, South, Iceland

Vestmannaeyjar, South, Iceland
Band Alternative Rock


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"Foreign Monkeys in full blast ★★★★☆"

Foreign Monkeys - π ★★★★☆

The Westman Islands lads in Foreign Monkeys who won the 2006 Reykjavík Music Experiments, just recently released their first album, and it was high time as some would say. The album is called π (PI) which is a false statement concerning the contents, as the songs have very little to do with this famous incomprehensible figure. On the contrary, the four strong band serve us very digestible rock music – straight forward and very good.

In the first song, “Million”, it is already clear that the listener is not handled with care, and the good promises given there keep perfectly from then on. Then follows the song “Love Song”, which scores as one of the best on the album, and the lads keep up right to the end of the disc. “Black Cave, Molla” and “Bibi Song” are all super cool songs that should more than satisfy the rock music hunger of everyone, not forgetting the smashing “Los” which is a kind of a culmination point that falls in about the middle of the album. The song is only a couple of minutes long and reminds of something that Soundgarden could have created at the time that Superunknown appeared. The Foreign Monkeys do not only have a nose for splicing together tight and rewarding riffs, but they can also compose good melodies. And they are harvesting according to that.

The Foreign Monkeys seem to be influenced by all sorts of good stuff. Something tells me that they heavily appreciate Queens Of The Stone Age, and the funk bass and a monster scream or two from singer Bogi Ágúst Rúnarsson remind a lot on Faith No More with Mike Patton on a good day. I’ll be damned if they do not pay respect to FNM in the song “WhemWhem” it responds heavily to “Caffeine” from the album Angel Dust.

Not that the lads could be accused of copying these foreign prodigies; it is just that the sound is so super good that it can easily be compared to any other strange and foreign mammals. Their debut is simply very well done. It does not hurt that most of the songs are on the shorter side, they are never drawn out apart from the two last songs. They are by far the longest and to be honest I’d have liked them a little bit shorter. It does not matter a lot though and this album is a bullet proof item for those who like heavy rock – and a bit more than that.

Jón Agnar Gíslason (Mbl. Sunday May the 10th 2009)
- Morgunblaðið (The icelandic morning issue)

"Foreign Monkeys p +"

Words by Sindri Eldon

Foreign Monkeys draw on simplicity and charisma for their fuel, and never grasp beyond their immediate reach, resulting in a satisfying, although not very surprising, modern rock romp. The crunchy, saturated guitars lead us expertly through the more progressive numbers, such as DunDun and Black Cave, but get a little lost in simpler territory, where firmer, more assertive strokes would have been more welcome in the production. The hungry, angst-ridden vocals range from teeny annoyance to flat-out brilliance, often in the same track, leaving the drums as the only consistent force on the album. This would ordinarily result in some loss of accessibility, but the drums plod and stomp with such virtuous grace and power that you are not left wanting, and although it is uneven and imperfect, p is an example of garage rock at its finest and most entertaining. -


"π" (PI) is debute and was relaeased in May 2009. Two singles have gotten airplay on national radio in Iceland, "Love song", which peaked at no. 11 on the charts, and our current sinlge, "Million".



Foreign Monkeys was originally founded in December 2005. In the month of March the following year, the band won the Icelandic battle of the bands competition, giving them a nation wide recognition. The bands powerful live performance created an immediate buzz, and their reputation spread fast, landing them larger crowds of rock thirsty audience. At the beginning of May 2006, only 2 months after winning BOTB competition, TFM performed in one of the largest venues in Iceland in front of 5.000 people. This performance was the opening act for highly acclaimed English artists, Badly Drawn Boy, Elbow and Echo and The Bunnymen. This gig was followed by another slot in front of 15.000 people in their hometown at an outdoor festival with local Icelandic artists. Shortly after, the band started working on their first record. However, with the first album well in the making and huge buzz created, there was brewing frustration within the band. As a result, there were some changes to the original line-up of the band, delaying the work on the record considerably. The band’s first album (Pi) was finally released in May 2009 on Record-Records (IS). The very so anticipated album, got great reviews by critics and press (4 stars out of 5 in Morgunblaðið newspaper for example), and landed a good addition to the bands ever growing fan base, resulting in good sales as well. The band followed up on the album by some excessive touring and gig playing in Iceland over the following months. Lately, TFM has been working on some new material and recordings of the second album are due to start in the fall of 2010. The bands music is often described as stoner flavored indie rock under influence from Faith No More and QOTSA, and true lovers of rock n’ roll should not feel cheated out of their money.
Reykjavík June 2010

Leifur Björnsson - guitar
Víðir Heiðdal - drums
Bogi Ágúst Rúnarsson - bass & lead vocal
Gísli Stefánsson - guitar & lead vocal