Foreign Orange

Foreign Orange


Like a boundless fireball, Portland’s Foreign Orange brings in timeless songwriting with a psychedelic swirl, driven by loud guitars and a hypnotic backbeat.


A band who produces their own sonic flair with songs that could have come from the golden age of the 60s and 70s - sided with monster breakbeats, flamenco playing, girl-group backdrops, dancehall grooves, soulful vocals, Spector like studio wizardry, and a violently distorted guitar. Who knew it could be so effortless and easy to create such space-age glory.

The group started as a three piece in Portland, OR in September 2007. While all three members are originally from Louisville KY, they were sick of backwoods small mindedness and moved west to aim for the world.

One individual is Jeremy Sherrer, who's been a renouned producer in the Portland music scene for the past four years. However, by the fall of 2007, he was convinced that in order to perfect his wall of sound studio skills, he needed top-rate songwriters. So, opportunists as they are, Neil Dez and DM Schneider up and left their hometown in the bluegrass state to forsee this goal.

Because all three members are originally from the midwest, the songs naturally carry the small town coming of age experience, coupled with the mind-bending psychedelia that Portland is well known (albeit, not always in a good way for many of the citys bands) for.

Foreign Orange has been melting solemn faces and making the girls shake their asses, not to mention jolting their hearts, for a mere six months on the pacific northwest.

Recalling elements from the Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, Love, Os Mutantes, the Byrds and just about everything in between, Foreign Orange is boundless in genre and truely breaks all the rules.

In a world of tasteless, rehashed, overproduced, souless pop music that we all have come to know and loathe, it seems that this group has dropped down from a spaceship to show you who the real amateurs are. With a vision sparked for greatness, the rest is soon to be history, or just his story.


Balloon Heavy EP (2008)

Set List

30 min sets with the occasional Jim Croce covers