Foreign Powder
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Foreign Powder

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock




""Fiery energy that you can see as well as hear""

SouthSide highly suggests checking out the roof top rockers of Kristenpalooza 2011 - Foreign Powder. This energetic quartet rocked the stage with their brand of punk pop rock sound which had a touch of "violent" feel heard in Kirsten's "don't mess with me" vocals. Never had this reviewer's ears heard such venomous spite within a female's voice, blogspot readers ...a voice of frustrated angst that could start riots or even spark a revolution. And tonight, she was the voice of the people who were fed up with things in general. For example, during Power, one could feel her angst permeating throughout the room especially when singing "...can you see me..." meanwhile in Paralyzed Inside, she definitely shined highlighting her dynamic vocal style by emitting the emotions behind the words. Let's not forget the band and the music behind these vocals that perfectly matched her venomous feminine power with some of the hardest punk sound tearing down the stage. As SouthSide mentioned earlier, it was "violent" yet rockin' amidst such fiery energy that you can see as well as hear. Foreign Powder will be bringing their rock sound and vibe to Beat Kitchen on Aug 21 for their CD release show. Visit them at for more information. - Southside on the Town


Magnatraktion - EP - Release Date: August 21, 2011



FP's members combine a broad range of influences and backgrounds. Every member contributes and expresses their personality which is reflected in the music. Foreign Powder was formed in August 2010 by lead singer Kirsten Lefeldt and guitarist Rod Hendricks who couldn't be of more different backgrounds, but found out that such thing as musical soulmates exists. "We are not trying to be a rock band, we are just throwing in everything we are and we are telling the stories that we want to share. We want you to listen to our songs and find yourself in them. We want you to come to our shows and leave with the energy we gave you."

Most songs are written by Kirsten Lefeldt. "I like everything from soft melodies to loud distorted guitars, depending on the mood of the song. I like to play with words and I write in English and German. Most of the time I don't plan to write a song, they ask me to be written when the time is right."

But the idea behind Foreign Powder is that there is not only one person that writes and directs. Everyone contributes. "The chemistry between the four of us is what makes our music unique."