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Foreign Skin

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Foreign Skin is a unique electronic act fronted by Hong Kong born, Flavia. Flavia's influences are ever changing, but more recently, Flavia has started experimenting with classical Chinese music. She is also currently looking to work with video artists to create a more unique and exciting live set.


Flavia Aliverti (aka Foreign Skin) was born in Hong Kong and now resides in Brighton, where she studied songwriting and originally played around Brighton as an acoustic/ folk singer songwriter act.
Flavia then became mesmerized by the world of sample pads, synths, MPC's and laptops and began to experiment with electronic music.

Originally more in the ambient electronic genre, Flavia's production and producer skills have quickly grown and so has her music.
She is currently influenced by her roots after finding a box set of classical 1930's Chinese music in her mums cupboard. So she could be described as a girl version of French/ Vietnamese artist Onra, but with her own little twist.
Her music has also been described to sit somewhere between Gold Panda and Pogo whilst still holding a distinctive and unique style of her own.

Foreign Skin has played with the likes of Fishing, Sun Glitters, Regal Safari, Blood Orange, Guerre, Labryith Ear, Us Baby Bear Bones and Breton.

Her live shows come equipped with visuals, complimenting her music and adding to an extremely atmospheric show.


-You can find some of Foreign Skin's tracks on Hype machine, as well as some well known music blogs.

-Foreign Skin remix of High Hope Society E.P 'Fathers Day' can be found on their website and be purchased on their bandcamp. Flavia's side project as well F.L.A remix for High Hope Society's second EP release ' Chinese Notebook' can also be found and bought on their website.

-Foreign Skin is currently recording a free 4 track EP under Paris indie label 'Healthy Motto Records'.
This will be released in April.

Set List

To be confirmed