Foreign Slippers

Foreign Slippers


Hailing from Norrkoping, Sweden, Foreign Slippers crafts delicate tales of heartache and dreaming with a disarming voice, subtle guitar, and delicate piano.


Caught up in creaking tales of longing and mortality, Foreign Slippers (aka Gabrielle Fröden) makes music of unnerving beauty. Hailing from Norrköping, Sweden her captivating debut EP,
“Oh Death” is absorbing and effortless in it’s warmth. Stories of love, death and bad dreams rest as uneasy bed-fellows here.

EP opener Packed The Car deals in fantasy like some cine film
footage of summers past springing to life in front of your eyes.
Wistfully leading with the line “I used to dream I could fall through my bedroom walls” the song shuffles with beckoning charm wearing an apparent love of songwriters like Kristin Hersh and Gilian Welch tucked just under it’s sleeve while all the way maintaining a truly unique delivery.

The five track EP released August 4th on Izumi continues on in the same way with other highlights including the heartbreakingly tender Don’t Go set with eye catching, innovative arrangements
(think Sufjan Stevens conducting a ghostly Victorian band), lying below Gabi’s stunning vocal.

In Gabi’s own words, Foreign Slippers influences are an enigmatic combination of:

“mother’s classical guitar, long summers building tree huts in the woods with brothers and sisters, and family singalongs around an old piano on holiday.”

Touring and gigging over the last year with the likes of Beth Rowley, Iain Archer, and label mate Burning Codes has developed Foreign Slippers into a compelling must see act. As charming and charismatic live as the music on her debut EP suggests Gabrielle Fröden will usher you into a world of pump organs, music boxes and black birds from which you’ll are unwilling to return.


Oh Death EP (Izumi Records)