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Foreign Tongues Cult


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"Foreign Tongues Cult"` - Locals Only

"Special Guests: FTC" - Grimey Republik

"Foreign Tongues Cult" - Middle Tennessee Hip Hop

"Offerings Review" - No Frauds Allowed

"FTC" - We Are Buggin Out

"Invest: Foreign Tongues Cult" - Only Da Hotshit


Cynical Method.... The Rising 2006
IRONIC.... Paradox 2007
Cynical Method & IRONIC....I Found the Meaning of Life...but i Lost it - 2008

IRONIC.... Curiosity Killed The Cat - 2011
Foreign Tongues Cult.... Ugly, but Honest - 2012
Foreign Tongues Cult.... Offerings - 2012
IRONIC.... Rashoman and the Burmese Harp EP - 2012
Cynical Method.... Leftovers - 2012
Einstein... Interpretive Dance EP- 2013



Foreign Tongues Cult; currently one of the most requested artists/group in Tucson, AZ. Comprised mainly of two music makers; IRONIC The Blimey & Einstein Thy Brave, Foreign Tongues was derived from "High School Cabbage" (A high school project for these two emcees) but was revamped with the name change and beginning of creating the bands first feature length album along with involvement from MC Cynical Method, upon his return from the military due to medical injury, and a live band backing.

This cult combines a melodic storytelling flow with lyrics similar to slam poetry, giving them their unique sound. FTC is classified as Indie underground hip-hop, only for lack of better words. The best comparison may be Atmosphere, or for a more mainstream comparison is a mellow, melodic version of Linkon Park.

Latest major works include Diabolic (Immortal Technique's Viper Records), Qwel (Typical Cats, toured together September 2012), and Rhymesayer's artist Onry Ozzborn (Grayskul/Dark Time Sunshine, toured together October 2012). Cynical's most recent tour was with Chicago MC Robust (Galapagos4) and New York's AWAR; NOV2012 "Filling in the Potholes", DJ Dishwasha over 12 states. Currently is booked for 3 tours in 2013 covering
8 states.