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The best kept secret in music


"100 Bands You Need To Know In 2004"

How They Sound: Monster guitars destroy all in sight, while a dynamic rhythm section keeps it interesting. Brent Eyestone's (ex-Corn on Macabre) lyrics are the surprisingly sensitive heart of this diverse beast. Sonic surprise alert: The rumbling subharmonics following "So There's This Movie..." promise to shake furniture and stun eardrums.

Why They Matter: Incredibly, Eyestone says this supergroup with a "relaxed approach" pounded out their confidence-dripping debut after they'd "practiced together only five or six times as a band." With a year of recording and heavy U.S. touring ahead, get ready for more dynamics, more energy and more swagger as this juggernaut hits its stride. - Alternative Press

"Calamity Project Reviews Section"

Forensics bursts out of the gates with this 3 song CDEP of sludgy metal/rock a la Isis meets Cavity, with a distinct souther sound to it. It was very easy for someone like me to get into this record, being a huge fan of this style of metal. Pounding mid-to-slow tempo rhythms filled with heavy, yet melodic, instrumentation keep you hooked immediately, from the opening note to the end of the record. The band also goes into these jammed out parts that are absolutely killer! Often being quiet and somber, they add the extra dynamic to the Forensics sound, and also the "much needed break on the ears" that only a pussy would need. These guys have great use of melody, and in the jammed parts, it shines through ever so greatly. You definitely do hear hints of that DC sound in the band, but for the most part you're getting something pretty new and very refreshing! If you're a fan of Isis, Cavity, or any sort of sludgy rock band, do yourself a favor and pick this record up. It's a great start for a band that I guarantee will you even more with their upcoming full length. -

" reviews section"

A punk rock jam band not unaccustomed to ten minute compositions, not unwilling to let their music speak for itself in numerous instrumentals, a sonic force unrelenting at times, yet often meandering. All are positive traits. All describe Forensics on their first full length. Forensics borrow a dirty heaviness and a grandiose style liberally from the ashes of dearly departed and saintly Pageninetynine. "Things To Do When You Should Be Dead Anyway" takes that Virginia sound that defined Majority Rule and PG99 and is found in all subsequent ex-Pageninetynine bands like City of Caterpillar, Circle Takes The Square, Mannequin, and now Forensics. The second track " Did You See What God Did To Us Man?" (which sounds like a movie reference, like most of their other titles, but I can't place it) opens with a crushing groove not unlike slower Converge, some gruff DC-area vocals, and then coming in over the top, flies an enormous guitar riff that would be at home in any Southern hard rock band's repertoire. "As Long As There's No Flipper Babies," track five (title stolen from the movie Brain Candy) brings to mind Norma Jean's droning heaviness before dissolving into a streaking punk rock ball of lightning. An amazing mix of styles and influences grace this record to say the least.  In a week where I've gotten the new Dillinger, the new Converge, and a ton of old vinyl, Forensics seems to be in my record player more than anything else. That's saying something. This album is out in CD format in a nifty little digi-pack on Magic Bullet, band member Brent Eyestone's label, while Trash Art handles the LP. This means it's everywhere and it looks amazing, so waste no time picking this up in either digital or wax form.

Reviewed by: Greg -


* "On A Bridge Atop The Heap Of Friends Who Jumped" 3-song CDEP (MBL052 - Magic Bullet Records)
* "On A Bridge Atop The Heap Of Friends Who Jumped" limited edition 3-song CDEP issued on 3" CD packed into special evidence container (MBL052.5 - Magic Bullet Records)
* "Has Anyone Unknown To You Handled Or Touched This Vinyl?" 2-song 7" (MBL053 - Magic Bullet Records)

* "Things To Do When You Should Be Dead Anyway" 10-song CD (MBL068 - Magic Bullet Records)
* "Things To Do When You Should Be Dead Anyway" 10-song LP (TRA012 - Trash Art Sound And Culture)


Feeling a bit camera shy


* Summer 2004: Headlined a self-booked tour of the United States, Canada, and Alaska; performed over 75 dates.
* Alternative Press' "100 Bands You Need To Know" 2004
* Metal Maniacs "EP Of The Year 2003" (Wade Gosselin)
* Former members of pg.99, Corn on Macabre, Trial By Fire, Burning Airlines, and more.
* Featured performer at Macrock 2004 (Harrisonburg, VA)
* "Things To Do When You Should Be Dead Anyway" CD received heavy Loud Rock rotation at well over 300 stations in the summer of 2004.
* Featured on Viva La Bam season 2