Pensacola, Florida, USA

In a musical world inundated with everyone sounding the same, Foreseen sets itself apart with an energetic live presence and memorable melodies layered over musical passages that range from melodically aggressive to orchestrated, taking the listener on an emotional journey.


Appearing from out of Pensacola, FL, the band climbed into the 1997 global progressive metal scene with their debut album, "Prophet's Dream". They established themselves once more in 2001 with their sophomore release, "Soulless Age". The band combines a myriad of unique influences to create one melodically aggressive sound, which can only be described as Foreseen. Each song is a culmination of talents from Gavin Meagher, Gary Humphrey, Michael Lukers and Joe Hammond. The songwriting process joins together inspiring vocals with undeniable signature sound, to produce body-moving grooves and thought provoking subjects. With standout tracks like "Prophet's Dream, Twilight Winter and Soulless Age" under their collective belt and future crowd pleasers as "Only The Wicked, So Far Gone and Mr. Hyde", don't be surprised to find Foreseen on a stage in your city very soon!

Creating vocal melodies since the age of seventeen, Gavin actually began experimenting with music at a younger age, by playing guitar. Then something magical happened. As he stared through the looking glass of such vocalists as Rob Halford, Layne Staley and Ian Gillan, he started setting his sights on rock stardom. Finding his way into the musical fold of Foreseen as current vocalist, Gavin is stretching out his broad range and expressing a diverse collection of emotional boundaries. Whether Gavin is using his voice soaring high or devastatingly low, he captures the meaning and intensity of every lyric to create memorable melodies. "I get off on the live feedback of every person we perform for and in return, that interaction between us makes for an electric performance."

Playing stringed instruments since the age of eight, music has always been present in Gary's life. Having a strong love for the live performance, he has been playing gigs since sixteen. Though Gary is able to break a song down to its subtle elements, his true nature in playing is all out, energy driven riffs. The tendency for most guitar players is to over play. Surround yourself with great players, and you can create something great with more understandable elements. To me its better to feed off the energy of the group around me.

Michael has performed many styles of music since he began this journey. Some of Lukers' inspirations come from influential artists such as Myron Grombacher, Johan Langell, Snowy Shaw, Vik Foxx, Shannon Larkin and Mark Zonder (to name drop just a few). Michael has the ability to push Foreseen's intricately powerful music while also letting the "experience" breathe. "I love being one of the four driving and visual entities in our band. Playing my kit is a feeling that pumps through my blood every day. We try to entertain as one big machine. When that happens, this band can move the crowd with high energy. That's when it's a good show.

JOE HAMMOND: Bass Guitar
The slamming low-end frequencies found in Foreseen's music are produced by bassist extraordinaire Joe Hammond. Playing his instrument since the age of ten, Joe found his home as the monster bassist of Foreseen. Possessing an extreme talent for finding inside grooves, he also ventures into the spotlight without taking away from the overall song structure. Joe's interpretations of bass guitar come from studying such performers as Steve Harris, Geezer Butler and John Entwistle. Joe's experience on the instrument gives him a confident aura and wild inner strength. A man on a mission to entertain you on stage and in the studio...


I Walk On

Written By: Foreseen

Displacement's becoming common place
Memories lost, creating space
Losing time within this mess
Trying to create what's best

Willing this temple of an idea
Momentary laughter shadows all my pain
To be released or be denied
Can we make it again

I walk on quietly another day
I'll fight until the breaking day
Seizing all my opportunities
Will it become reality for me

Don't you try to
Make me play your game
The end of this rope
That you're hanging from
Will come to head today

No returns of messages I've sent
For fear of another excuse to bend
I do this all for you and me
Can't you see

Now, I don't, want to hear your lies
You can't stop my will from burning inside
You'll never steal my dream
To be on top of the world



Skin (The Embrace)

Written By: Foreseen

a silhouette disturbs me
when the mirror gazes back
this feeling overcomes me
her face i can't make out
with panic taking over me
i can barely breathe
i quickly turn to catch a glimpse of
the one i need to see

(i need your) skin
i want to live forever
skin, live inside your mind
skin, how i long to embrace you
in my hands tonight
skin (4x's)

there's a force upon the horizon pass
deep in the mist i see
a phantom called in the dead of night
i am the one she seeks
strange images in my head
as i resist to believe
the scent of lust so strong abound
calling out to me


familiar sights i've longed to see
voices sound so sweet to me
these blank stares caress my skin to sleep
another autumn mourning's past
inside my head she reigns
her wicked little whispers call my name
the bringer of love, the bringer of fear
the keeper of all that i hold dear
let me see what lies behind your eyes


Soulless Age

Written By: Foreseen

Dumb, don't let them think for you
Own, the freedom to believe again

Look around, what do they tell you now
Are things as vacant as they seem
Streets of gold sold by our phones
Is there way the only way to believe

Adrenaline rushes you to bind your cage
While they twist and flash there pretty things
Peripheral sight kept from the masses
Letting them tell you who to be

Chorus I
Now we'll see what you believe
Living in this compulsive state
Religion dictated from a T.V. screen
Suck another life in this soulless age

Numb, we shall not be
Taken, and thrown away

Pointillism has come to life
The books have all become extinct
The smell of life is so electric
No encouragement for you to think

Follow the dead in there simple rhymes
They take and guide our hands today
Swipe another credit card
As the vein of our identity is drained away


The endless struggle of what to believe
Through the power of a greedy machine
Turning all of us into the elite
What has the grail turned out to be
Turn this page of a fictional age
And make it all real
Don't just exist in the shadow of a lie
Retain the right to feel



Written By: Foreseen

Soul searching takes some time
all must walk the wonderers line
no need to think I won't return
just throw a kiss before goodbye
a journeyman's home is the road
the ship sets sail for another shore
it's only course is into the night
sailing for the break of the day

onto the wind onto the sea
wish me all God's speed

your face I'll hold deep inside
I don't know where the future lies
but tonight I've got to bid you farewell

the desert heat the London rain
the ice and snow all the same
who's the traveller to pick and choose
but to follow his guide
the journeyman's home is the road
the train is leaving for another town
its restless heart the only sound
another day we'll say hello

above the mountains I rise
so hard to leave you behind


the lonely heart has it's pair
always alone throughout the years

will this be the last time
I feel you by my side


the desert heat the London rain
the ice and snow all the same



Prophet's Dream (1997)

Soulless Age (2001)

Foreseen (self-titled) (2014)


(Compilation) Powermad Festival 1997: Sound Sampler

(Compilation) Powermad Festival 1998: Sound Sampler II

(Compilation) Powerquest: The Awakening (1999)

(Compilation) WARNING: Minds of Raging Empires...Vol.2 / A Tribute to Queensryche (2000)

(Compilation) Heavy Oder Was?!: Metal Crusade (2000)

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