Montréal, Quebec, CAN

The 14 members of this unparalleled ensemble will take you on a musical journey from south to north, where the history of the Native American vibrates the 72 strings of their guitars.

After returning from the Entrecuerdas Festival in Santiago, Chile, Alexandre Éthier brought back with him a magnificent work from Chilean composer, Javier Farias. “Arauco, of soul and blood”, a nine movements work for guitar ensemble and double bass; inspired from an epic poem from Alonso de Ercilla (1533-1594)


FORESTARE is composed of young classical guitarists with a com- mitment to the environment. The groups keen interest in actual music is expressed through the performance of commissioned works, orchestral arrangements and collaborative projects with re- nowned performing artists, such as Richard Desjardins, who have made their mark on Quebecs culture.

By its very nature, the guitar is inextricably associated with wood. Members of FORESTARE view their instruments as nothing less than a noble building material. Wood, forest and guitar from a single environmental continuum strikes a chord within these musicians: the trees sap and the artists blood beat together as a single heart brea- thing life into vast open spaces.

Moreover, as the forest is to the tree, the ensemble is to the guitar: a communal place of sheltering a common desire to realize innate potential. FORESTARE hopes to acknowledge the ensembles ori- gins and roots by honoring its one true source: the Tree.

Founded in October 2002, FORESTARE is the initiative of a young guitarist. As soon as the idea took shape in his mind, Alexandre thier sought out conductor Pascal Ct. He also recruited a group of promising young guitarists. By choosing to perform outside the institutional sphere, FORESTARE endeavors to explore new musical spaces by always thinking out of the box.


The Latin word Forestare, meaning to create forest, has rich lin- guistic ancestry. A definition of the word forest is confirmed by the German cognate Forst, but the name also evokes open spaces through etymological roots going back to the vulgar Latin word Foris, meaning outside. To this day, Italians use the word foretiere to refer to a stranger an outsider. In the Middle Ages, noblemen converted some of their farming grounds into hunting grounds. These lands were let to be grown as wild as could be and they were called fo- resta. This word eventually evolved into the word forest. Into the fo- rest is exactly where FORESTARE hopes to take the audience: beyond the familiar towards new horizons to breathe in the splendors of a natural musical landscape.

12 guitars :
Alexandre Ethier (artistic director)
Julie Vincelette
Jonathan Barriault
Francis Brunet-Turcotte
Caroline Paradis
Charles Gauvin
Charles Hobson
David Ratelle
Marie-Soleil Fortier
Simon Duchesne
Olivier Labossiere
Simon Auger

Double bass:
Mathieu Desy

Dave Pilon


Set List

Show "Arauco"

1.    Arauco, por fuerte, pricipal y poderosa ... (40:00) (Javier Faras - Chili)
2.    A Path to The Woods (5:25) (Raphal Reed Quebec)
3.    Chaman (8:00) (Pascal Quoquochi Sasseville Atikamekw, Quebec)
4.    Racines (8:45) (Pascal Quoquochi Sasseville Atikamekw, Quebec)
5.    Reel de Port-Daniel (3:00) (Traditional Quebec Arr. Luc Lvesque)
6.    Honour Song Micmaq (3:25) (Micmaq First Nation)
7.    Fougres II (10 :00) (Antoine Ouellete Quebec)
8.    Milles Pattes (5:45) (Franois Gauthier Quebec)