Forest Magic

Forest Magic

 Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

We focus on presenting an eclectic, but signature sound. Everything is positive. We sing about small and huge things. We assemble a lot of simple parts to define songs. New & old. We love every minute of it.
Akin to Oneida, early Yeasayer, Animal Collective, Explosions in the Sky, Do Make Say Think.


We are our land.
We are the universe.
We love mathematics.
We seek the next step.
We favor simple familiarity.
We communally write songs.
We are inspired by our surroundings.
We are aware of the sublime unknown.
We are hundreds of years of Southern Music.
We are nestled by the arms of the Tenn. Valley.
We tell stories where the details are always changing.



Written By: Joshua Bennett

Here we are Legendre, we are home...

Even though we've been to distant shores
We still know where we came from
We've returned, and now we're home
And we know that the end of man is to know

We take a stroll, we take a stroll
Down the pathway to your favorite hiding place
And once we're there, I'll stroke your pretty hair
And we will laugh, all the day long


Written By: Joshua Bennett

Ease your mind and sit back, releax, forget you're right here
The stars seem to align in your favor, and maybe they'll favor mine

The night sky with its beautiful light encourages us to elevate
Are the stars designed or are they sneezed out randomly?


Written By: Joshua Bennett

My teeth, my teeth go chomp chomp chomp chomp...

Wonder If

Written By: Joshua Bennett

Every night I go into my room
And I wonder whatever happened to you
Could it be that you are far away?
Or do I almost pass by you every day?

I just lie there thinking of our younger ways
When we would sit there and we would talk yeah we would say
Where do you think that you'll be in ten years
Oh I don't know I just don't wanna be sheddin' no tears

I wonder if you know I think of you
Is it possible that you might think of me?
I wonder if you know

What would even happen if we ever met again?
My face would probably seem as though it had a permanent grin
We could sit around and talk and laugh and drink and play
We could maybe even fall in love that day

I wonder if you know I think of you
Is it possible that you might think of me?
I wonder if you know


IS ENERGY, released 2010
Return/Stroll, Designed, Wonder If, and Family available to hear on our EPK.

Elkehkeh's solo EP

DOLPHIN MOUTH's solo EP (out Nov. 2nd, 2010)

TENNESTHESIA Compilaiton album on MEMETIC SOCIETY upcoming...

Set List

Set List as of 9/25

Explorin' Explorin'
Terrible Creatures
Ancient Sweat/Ancient Rest
Flashing Eyes/Beards of Moss
Amazing Waterfalls
It Is Good (Astral Version)
Yeti Ritual

This set is 30-35 minutes. We can play up to 1.5 hours. We have a nicely sized catalogue of songs.