Forest Wayne Allen

Forest Wayne Allen


A solo bar-stool entertainer, I play a mix of originals and covers. I have 25 originals, but still love to hear the crowd when I play those favorites of everyones. I usually play for 3 or more hours. My sounds are Alt-country, americana, folk, bluegrass, red dirt coutnry and some Christian.


My grandmother said I was in a carriage up on stage, rocking back and forth to the Bluegrass my mom and dad were playing. She said I'd rock for a while and then rub my smoke filled eyes while I was sitting in front of the speakers of the loud, loud music. I don't remember that part, but I do remember walking around meeting the people who were listening to my dad's guitar and my mom's mandolin, it might have been at an outdoor reunion, a hick party at the campers down "Garnie" lane or at a bluegrass venue in Kentucky with lots of long haired biker people and their alligator clips.

I played trumpet in high school and then started playing a Martin Sigma I got the Christmas of my Sophomore year in high school. My dad taught me a few chords and the alternating actions of a bluegrass picker. Then I started playing at my youth group with my friend and Sunday school teacher Billy. Before long, I was leading that band and loving it.

My first band ever was "Forest and the punch drunk monkees". I was 16, the bassist was 14 and our drummer was a 23 year old child of the 80's. He'd wear leather jackets and always play the song differently. I just wish we could have recorded some of that goodness where I distorted my acoustic into a small solid state amp.

College is where I really began to write, poetry and then lyrics mixed with simple music. My first self-released record "Remember your roots" was finished in March of 2003. These two great guys who owned "Vagabond studios" recorded me with pro tools in their 2 room Richmond apartment. I did four 4-hour sessions and we cranked out 9 songs, 3 of which were full band. I have just released "Scars and Stories", my second one. It's darker with only one love song, but I think I've found my sound. I found myself musically in that record. I can listen to it without cringing. But it was my first one that really put me on the map. My friends and all constantly ask how the music is going.

I have been working in Texas at an outdoor education center for a year and a half, on and off, and I'm now in San Marcos, Texas. I fell in love with that place, along with all of the towns around Austin and of course, Austin itself. My website is FORESTWAYNETRAIN.COM . Check it out for my new record, song samples and even some firejumping pics. Don't do that though, I got burned really bad in October.

I love to play in front of people. I have always loved to be on stage. I usually play acoustic, but I can fill up a room with sound. I used to play 3 hours at "Top of the stairs" in Blacksburg, Virginia almost every Wednesday night. I know lots of covers and have about 25 originals that I can play without looking at a lyric sheet. I can't wait to start getting regular gigs and traveling around more. I'm going need this structure in my life!


REMEMBER YOUR ROOTS: Can't slow down, 15 times the love, Figure me out, Through the valley, Double strap shoes, Best kinda' girl, Midnight highway, Boy dreams, Dreams of mine SCARS AND STORIES: A girl named Hannah, 16 in '55, Big fire song, Gritty road, It's so easy, Christmas in Mechanicsville, Black shirts, Sympathy's skies, Wichita Rag

Set List

Along with my originals, here are some of the covers that I do. I prefer to play originals, but until the people in the crowd are singing all my songs with their lips, I gotta' feed em' something they already know. Plus, I love for people to know my influences.
You don't know how it feels, You wreck me, Have love will travel: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers ; Winding wheel, Firecracker: Ryan Adams ; Angel: Jimi Hendrix ; Curtis Lowe:Lynyrd Skynyrd ; Party crowd,Dust on the bottle: David Lee Murphey ; Happy country: Jack Ingram ; Please don't bury me: John Prine ; I'm much too young to feel this damn old: Garth Brooks; Another lonely day, Steel my kisses: Ben Harper ; Break my heart tonight: Reckless Kelly; La Grange: ZZ Top ; Songs about rain : Gary Allan; Copenhagen : Robert Earl Keen (just to name a few)