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This band has not uploaded any videos



"XR Volume Exclusive Interview with Forever & Always!"

Why did you name your band "Forever & Always" and is there any history behind that name?

Will: Basically there was a band (Faster Faster) that we were good friends with and played a lot of shows with that had a song where in the chorus the whole crowd sand "we remember the good times forever & always" and we thought that was pretty cool so we named our band after it.

In what genre would you classify your music?

Dillon: Power-Pop-Punk with beats that make you wanna dance!

Do you write your songs as a group or individually?

Jordan: Its pretty much both, usually it starts with one of us having an idea and then the band builds around it.

What image do you think your music conveys?

Jake: With all the emo music around now these days, we want to make people happy, if we can brighten someones day than i believe that we have done our job!

What has been your biggest challenge as a band?

F&A: going through puberty ;)

Are any of you multi-instrumentalists?

Will: I beatbox, and play a mean triangle

What are your long term goals?

Jordan: Grow a beard!


Dillon: Travel the world, doing what we love doing!

Chris: I honestly believe that our long term goals, like, such as in Africa, and Asia, would be to play shows there, for people who dont have music like such as in America.

How do you balance your music with other obligations like school or work?

Dillon: School during the week, ROCK THE WEEKENDS!

Who are your musical influences?

Jake: The Maine, Sublime, The Friday Night Boys

Dillon: All Time Low, Protest The Hero, Owl City

Jordan: Minus The Bear, Boys Like Girls, Dance Gavin Dance

Will: This Town Needs Guns, A Skylit Drive, iwrestledabearonce

Chris: Attack Attack, A Day To Remember, Forever The Sickest Kids

What would be your "dream venue" to perform in?

Will: Taylor Swift's bedroom. ;D

Dillon: Taylor Swift.

Jake: That island from lost.

Jordan: On a Boat!

Chris: The moon!

You've just released a powerful, rock-driven cover of Taylor Swift's hit song "Love Story". Why did you choose to cover a song that was written from a girl's perspective?

Jake: It is a great song and it has a good message of love that everyone feels at
sometime, we thought we would put our twist on it.

If you could share the stage with any artist or group, who would it be and why?

Dillon: Journey, because they never stopped believing! :D

Will: The Beatles

Jake: Van Halen

Jordan: Forever The Sickest Kids

Chris: Attack Attack

Any new projects you are working on?

Will: I have a spanish project due in a few days :/

Jake: Working on writing new music and touring soon!

If you could say anything to your fans, what would it be?

F&A: Don't be afraid to come up and meet us at shows! and we LOVE YOU! :D - XR Volume


Our first album "Lights, Camera, Action" Came out September 5th, 2009. It has sold over 500 times. The Song "The Campfire Song" is the highest selling song with over 1000 sales, and it receives mainstream airtime on 3 or 4 radio stations at this time. Our Cover of Taylor Swifts "Love Story" we gave out for free to thank all our fans for the support. It exploded on and topped both most played and downloaded song lists for good amounts of time, staying in the top ten for 3 weeks. It was downloaded over 7,200 times.



With all the sad music around these days, we are more focused on trying to get people to have a good time, be happy, and dance! We really love playing and hope to do it for a long time. * Over 400,000 total plays, over 1000 plays daily, and over 700,000 profile views on our Myspace
* One of our songs was the #1 most downloaded and played song on Purevolume for a week
* Consistent airtime on 2 of the top rock/pop radio stations in Tallahassee (not locals only, but mainstream)
* Over 40 shows played last year
* Shared the stage with signed acts: Framing Hanley (Silent Majority Group), Bowling For Soup (Jive Records), Hawthorne Heights (Victory Records), Go Radio (Fearless Records), The Ready Set (Decaydance Records), Victory In Numbers (Trustkill Records).