Forever Cadence

Forever Cadence


Melodic Hardcore band from the great white north!


Formed in June 2007, Forever Cadence's unique blend of smash-your-face metal and poppy sensibility has matured into a force to be reckoned with in a few short years. With their home town scene on life-support, FC was born out of persistence, dedication, and a healthy dose of unbridled, immature debauchery. The Bramptonian brotherhood has found its fifth member, carved its niche, and is ever ebbing it larger. A wild live show coupled with scream-along gang vocals and catchy sing-along melodies set Forever Cadence apart from typical scream/sing acts notorious for repetitive, mindless chaos. Before any new music leaves the jam space, it must satisfy five acutely similar but intricately different musical tastes and writing styles. When this is accomplished the result is a dark, melodic, cartharsis describable only as Forever Cadence.


We All Have Heart - EP - 2012

Set List

Strung Out
Consistencies [New Song]
Chapters [New Song]
What It Means To Be... [New Song]
Our Last Night