Forever December

Forever December


Forever December is a band you will want to catch sometime soon in concert!This project is a fusion of blended styles thrown together in such a way that your ears will beg you for more over and over again. they will certainly experience something truly new and exciting that you've never heard before


Forever December started when Dom (lead guitar) and Jason (rhythm guitar/vocals) met and decided they were sick of dead end bands they were in. As We wrote and arranged songs two more members joined. Iain (drums) and Jesse (vocals) joined late march of 2009. Since then we have been practicing hard and writing more challenging and catchy tunes as well as thought-provoking and meaningful lyrics. We believe we are called together to reach a lost and dying world. We strongly hold to our beliefs and it shows in the lyrics as well as how we conduct ourselves in everyday life.
The things we write about reflect things we've gone through, experienced, and felt in our lives as we've treaded down each of our own paths with God teaching us along the way. We hope the music we write benefits you in some way or other. So come hit us up at a show and support us! Forever December Rocks!


Set Sail

Written By: Dom Spallino and Jason Taylor

Verse 1
Tie me up with my lies
Drag me through my disguise
Cast me out and away
I lost myself again
Come back I hear
His voice call
Draw near I’ve forgiven it all
Let me take all your fears
I’m ready to begin

Pre chorus
There’s a fire that burns in me
I can’t help but to breathe
The flames they swallow me
Like a sinking ship at sea

I can’t seem to find my way
I’m running now
There is nothing anymore
That can stop me
My finger lies
On this trigger
From which I cry
My love my love runs dry

Verse 2
Save me He paid for it all
Mercy He answered my call
Stop me from my downfall
He’s calling me back home
Save me He paid for it all
Mercy He answered my call
Stop me from my downfall
He’s calling me back home

Final Chorus
I have now found the only way
I’m running
There is nothing anymore
That can stop me
All these fears I’ve thrown aside
Were my stronghold
In my heart His love
Will never grow cold


Written By: Dom Spallino and Jason Taylor

Verse 1
Walk the streets of empty dreams
Say goodnight to one and all
Got your head up in the clouds
The sky is no more the limit
Said it once you said it twice
To gain the world is to lose your life
Don’t be fooled by what you see
Nothing’s really what it seems

I know the distance now
I will take you there
Just pull the cord but
Don’t pull me down
Straight through the atmosphere and
Into the great divine
The essence of this light
Begins to take its flight

Verse 2
The things that I’ve said
Compared to what I’ve done
Careless acts and blameless deeds
Masquerade in self pity
Day by day you mope around
Drowning in your sea of lies
Thoughtless words were left unsaid
His perfect love has no end

There is nothing left for me
There is nothing left for me here

Your Last Regret

Written By: Jason Taylor

Verse 1
Soon you lose count of time
How long have you been here
These days go by, still the pain increases
Like a fire in your flesh that never dies

You never thought that it would end this way
A dark so close you can feel it
You try to think about the good old days
Always asking why you never listened

Verse 2
Forever tormented by your deadly lusts
They controlled your every action
Why was it I you could never trust
Now your strangled by this deception

Trapped in this world
Screaming for help
Oh God

You hate me more and more
But you know you should've listened
You needed to let it go
But you thought you would have missed it
I would say I told you so but
You already got the message


Written By: Jason Taylor

Verse 1
One moment I'm strong the next I'm weak
How easily I come to this valley of defeat
Through trials and perils I stumble along
Grasping at everything in my heart don't belong

On My own I am nothing
My pride won't like
The one cowering inside
I need to give up my life

I never thought that I could
See myself this way
Contempt and disgust
with pain and mistrust
I lost everything
When I turned and walked away
Now I'm missing You
Now I'm missing You

Verse 2
Glance to my left look to my right
Looking for someone to start a fight
When you came along I
Couldn't accept that I was wrong
I finally hit rock bottom
With nowhere to look but up
You saw the best in me when I
Couldn't see it in myself

Through thick and thin
It makes no difference
Help find myself
You bring deliverance

One Step To Disaster

Written By: Jason Taylor

Verse 1
Bleeding from within
You never saw this coming
You were blind to all that moves
when push came to shove
You ran the other way
You're a COWARD
Lose your sense of pride
The part that made you whole
is knocking at your door
Stop trying to fit in
Can't you hear their laughing
As your face hits the floor

Your losing sense of what is right
You'd rather run than put up a fight
You're losing sense of what is true
Remember the one who lives in you

Verse 2
You said this is the end
You won't do it again
You're lying to yourself
If you invite Him in
Let these flames begin
Discover your new self
Don't just stand around
Take heart and hold your ground
Your fighting for your life
Take the strength He gives
He died so you would live
Don't give up the fight

A lie so cold
A strike this deep
This one step to disaster
Is right beneath your feet


Overcome EP

Set List

Set Sail
One Step To Disaster
Your Last Regret