Foreverdown marries the energy of modern indie-rock with the sensibilities of classic pop bands, matching dynamic hooks with tasteful execution. They are currently in the studio recording their first full-band EP, slated for release in June.


You might say Foreverdown is currently recovering from a second birth. In mid-2006, after nearly three years of performing on his own (releasing two full lengths and one EP and selling over 1500 CDs to an international fanbase), singer/songwriter Casey Britt decided he'd done all he was interested in doing as a solo artist and sought out musicians to join him in his quest to rock. Within a couple of months he had pulled three fresh faces from the Atlanta rock scene — PJ Elias, Nathan Stone, and Jon Cole — and had assembled quite a troupe to be reckoned with.

As the foursome convened to write new material, they began to cull bits and pieces from their collective musical past and stumbled upon a sound that's fresh and new, but all the same familiar, suiting Britt's trademark voice to catchier hooks and adding tasteful but dynamic support. The alt-country swing of the Format is present, but set atop the bouncy rhythm section of the Rocket Summer and accented by electric guitars that recall the emo pop of Saves the Day and the Get Up Kids. But while they do wear their influences on their sleeves, don't be fooled into thinking their sound is entirely derivative. To the contrary, Foreverdown's music is something unto itself — uniquely melodic and energetic, but marked by pop sensibility and restraint.

In the end, what you'll find is a group of guys who appreciate a great pop song and are trying to write a few of their own. They don't wear make-up or pop their collars... instead they prefer to allow the toe tapping to speak for itself. And thus far it has.

Foreverdown is currently recording their first full-band EP with Atlanta producer/engineer Kyle Hale (Winston Audio, O'Brother, Sea Lions) and plan to tour regionally to support it's release.


"The Black EP" - 2007 (June)
"Fall Bares Branches, Birds Leave No Bark" - 2005
"Life Alone is No Life at All" - 2004
"You Are Beautiful" EP - 2003

Set List

1) I Hate Peru
2) Conversation for Cars
3) Hopefully Finding Hopeless
4) Pigeons Don't Date Hummingbirds
5) Le Train
6) Chasing Details