Forever From Now

Forever From Now

 Orlando, Florida, USA

Our debut EP featured the song People Like You which has been released with the video game Rock Band 2 in the Rock Band network. We just posted new pre production on our myspace of some new material that will be on our upcoming album.


A young man named Bert, short for Robert, long for Rob, in the midst of Robbie…enjoyed the sounds of music (not the movie in this case). A lifelong pursuit of musical education and struggle lead him to believe that a group of likeminded people of the same pursuit could form a wonderful experimental boy band/acid blues 7 piece. Years of torment and ridicule made him realize that not only was there no market for this, but he hated the idea altogether. So he went on a mission to put together a band, the likes of which radio couldn’t play due to its quality and non repetitious sound. A band that could rise above the evil this world so often displays…so his journey begins...

The quest begins on the mean streets of Orlando in a land called Florida. Robbie was still looking for these likeminded people; oh he went through a few… Tiring as it was, he did what any normal person would, place a non-discreet ad on line for all to see on a site on the internets called Craigslist (as it turns out, this list can be a good thing, not just hookers and...well, hookers. As far as I know all they have is hookers). Anyway, after weeding through the crazies, he happened upon an orphaned, rather large bearded baby hailing from Atlanta which claimed he could keep a beat. This colossal individual went by the name Captain 5. After realizing after only seconds of interaction that this name was just plane ridiculous, it was decided by a magic 8 ball iphone app that he should be called Mike, or Big Mike due to how he looks when standing next to children; the name still sticks today.

where was I? Oh yea, the band...

One evening, while Robbie and Mike were playing on an undisclosed street corner in order to buy some Pita Pit, a strange lady walked by over and over again. She was trying desperately not to garner attention from the guys. After finally stopping to listen to the music, it was determined that it wasn’t a lady, but rather a long haired man. You can imagine their surprise! As it turns out, this was no ordinary man, but an ax wielding man with the gift of 10 fingers, 5 on each hand! This amazing disfigurement gave this man, Dave as he has become known as, the ability to shred on guitar! Many guitars and broken paper shredders later (get it??? Literally shred the guitar?? It’s funny to me…) he officially joined this merry band of men, which is now called in countless social groups as… Forever From Now.

Please enjoy the music. We are always writing, playing and looking for new inspiration. New music is in the works, so stay tuned…


Forever From Now (self titled) EP

Set List

This is what you do to me
People Like You
Do it again
One Day
The only road
When the world sees orange
The only road
Ill tell the world
I tried