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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Folk Americana


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"For rockers & folkies alike"

"Thomas [of Foreverinmotion] has a presence like Springsteen and the versatility of Ryan Adams. His music is a treat for rockers and folkies alike."

Road Warrior Music Blog
- Road Warrior Music Blog


"Inspirational and socially conscious lyrics demonstrate Thomas' ability to create more than just music."

Shrednews -

"Musical delight"

"This is the kind of stuff that you sit down and wish you could write. A musical delight, plain and simple."

Driven Far Off Magazine

- Driven Far Off Magazine

"Poet before a songwriter"

"Just pouring out with gorgeously heartbreaking material. A poet before a songwriter, Thomas keeps that penchant for lyrical integrity close to his chest."

Sound the Sirens
- Sound the Sirens

"More than songwriter fare"

"Foreverinmotion presents much more than simple singer/songwriter fare... his music as a whole has breadth, depth, and makes a strong case for hope."

Performer Magazine
- Performer Magazine


"Sunrise is emotional, witty, clever, yet utmost drenched in humility... a pivotal album in the acoustic-folk genre."

Review, Rinse, Repeat - Review, Rinse, Repeat

"S/T Album Review"

"The beauty of the vocals, piano, and acoustic guitar that introduce us to foreverinmotion entrance the listener into a different time and place for which this album will serve as a tour guide... Lyrically, each song brings more amazement. This is the kind of stuff that you sit down and wish you could write. Chock full of beautiful metaphors, Brendon uses the English language in that way that brings words to life." - Valida Prentice,

"S/T Album Review"

"Brendon Matthew Thomas looks kind of like Donnie Darko and plays an acoustic guitar. Is he emo? Is he folk? Hard to say, and that's one of the things that is so delicious about Foreverinmotion. The broad vocal range and chord technique will remind some of Dashboard Confessional, but Thomas is light years ahead of any tattooed joker whining about girls who won't make out with him... This guy is indeed a crafty composer... he should not suffer under the singer-songwriter label, as it does no justice to his eminent skill on the six-string." - C.D. DiGuardia, N.E. Performer Magazine

"S/T Album Review"

" is a subtle yet grand album all in the same breath, and a huge accomplishment for a man just 21 years old. There is something unique about the serene atmosphere he creates whilst retaining the emotional power of his songs... It grabs and draws you in to his lyrics where he speaks to you, one on one, and makes you not want to leave. You just want to keep listening" - James Davison, (UK)

"Review of The Beautiful Unknown"

I always feel so unaccomplished when someone comes out with an album where all the instruments and vocals are by them, plus the production and recording and mixing and what not... Way to hoard that musical talent, Brendon Thomas. Keep playing your ten-or-more instruments and putting songbirds to shame with your tenor magic.

From the first spoken word to the last carefully chosen note, this album sings of Thomas' deep commitment to his work and high standards. ...every aspect, every instrumental line, every lyric has been carefully handcrafted and stunningly brought to life. You may be thinking to yourself, "How much can someone do with a couple of acoustic instruments and his own voice?" If you are, rest assured that this album will fully vanquish your doubts...he marks a place for himself above the sellouts and beyond the copycats, bringing to the scene a brand of music as refreshing as an early morning walk through the crisp air of mountaintops. - A.A., Euphonia Online [dot] Net

"Review of The Beautiful Unknown"

"The Beautiful Unknown is filled with dense, gorgeous music and production flourishes that recall the softer elements of Todd Rundgren’s early 70's gem 'A Wizard, A True Star.' Like Rundgren, Thomas managed every aspect of the record.

The Rain, a delicately structured track from The Beautiful Unknown, wraps spare guitar work around carefully chosen piano notes and swirling, phased vocals... It begins hushed, almost breathless, yet finishes in a crescendo of soaring chords and cloudbursts.

[Throughout the record] words, full of hopeful affirmations like 'don't you realize … how beautiful you are?' and 'I wish you were strong enough to set yourself free,' bob on the surface of this majestic music. Thomas's surprising engineering skills – he's entirely self-taught – save the project from collapsing under its own weight...

With a soaring, powerful low alto voice, he usually doesn't need more than his six-string guitar and winning personality to get through to crowds. He has an uncanny ability to bring a room to hushed silence..." - Michael Witthaus, Local Rhythms

"Review of The Beautiful Unknown"

Rating: 9.5/10

“Hailing from Chester, Vermont, the Indie/Folk band Foreverinmotion should be breaking out to a national audience anytime soon with the recent release of The Beautiful Unknown…

This album is by far the most impressive album he has ever worked on. With 13 songs, Thomas brings you on a musical journey from the first song to the very last one. The album has a beautiful array of lyrics as well as an equally beautiful voice from Thomas…

The fact that Brendon Thomas played almost all the instruments is mind blowing…
The sound it produces is truly unlike anything in this world.� - Justin Churchill, Down the Road Webzine [dot] com

"S/T Album Review"

"It's been a long time since an album has been released where I can reveal in the beauty of it. The kind that stops you midbreathe from the way it radiates truth and honesty; the elements missing in music today that the scene desperately needs... With ForeverInMotion's self titled album, it's a perfect connotation to the feeling of falling in and out of love and grasping for the breath as the album weaves us in and out...

It's a haunting piece of artwork which shows us the type of music dreamers are made of. Check out his newest song on myspace- 'The Rain' and you'll see what I'm talking about." - Ann Nguyen,


Sunrise (2011)
The Beautiful Unknown (2007)
foreverinmotion (2004)



Raised in the mountains of Vermont & based in New York City, Brendon Thomas is a reformed rocker who found a niche in folk music. Under the alias Foreverinmotion he has released 3 albums since founding the band in 2004. Critical acclaim has coupled with every release including his latest and most focused album to date, Sunrise: a loner's highway companion that explores folk, country, and blues music.

"Emotional, witty, clever, yet utmost drenched in humility... Sunrise is a pivotal album in the acoustic-folk genre."

In 2009, after two years on the road in support of his prior album The Beautiful Unknown (One Eleven Records), Thomas returned to a changed industry. He amicably parted ways with the now defunct One Eleven label and lived in Santa Fe, NM for a brief stint before moving to Brooklyn to write & record Sunrise.

"The sun had set on a lot of things for me when I began writing the album," says Brendon in a recent interview. "The end of a relationship, the parting with my label; I was in a new city with a void waiting to be filled and these songs are a direct manifestation of that. Themes of freedom and soul searching are all over this thing."

Foreverinmotion was a finalist in the prestigious 2010 SongCircle Songwriting contest in New York City for the album's opening track "Pulling Away." He released Sunrise in 2011 as a joint collaboration with Plan B Music Group & Forest Park Recordings; the latter a music collective formed by Thomas and friends (and home to his other band, folk trio The End of America). He continues to work, write, tour, and carve new holes in his guitar as an independent artist.