Forevers, Fallen grace

Forevers, Fallen grace


we are a Dark , Ambient, Gothic Metal Band form the eastern shores of Massachusetts.


Forevers’ Fallen Grace ~ 2004 Through the drudgery of daily life, in the struggle to keep our sanity and aspirations of a better tomorrow alive -- music can lead us to personal victories and sound the anthems of triumph. Music can also lead us to deeper introspection and expose raw emotions as it takes the soul on a journey as no other art form can. From the eastern shores of Massachusetts comes Forevers’ Fallen Grace and their third and latest independent release, “This Burden…My Cross to Bear” offers six tracks that represent the hope and despair of our flickering moments on the earth. Initially born of guitarist Ken McKee and vocalist Michael Ferro, a pair of studio only projects 1999’s “Trilogy of Woe” and the 2001 recording “Of Darksome Rivers and Sorrowed Meadows”, were released, garnering critical acclaim. Securing a full time drummer, in Mark Selig, FFG was bestowed new life. A sense of greater possibilities was infused. Long time collaborator Frank Balliro, firmly committed himself to the trio, adding opethian grandeur via the bass guitar. Forevers’ Forevers' Fallen Grace is now poised with its first proper touring lineup. Rooted firmly in the tradition of their metal forebears, the music pays homage to the individuality of its members and the commonality of all of our toils in the journey of life. With four varied talents forged into one artistic vision, “This Burden…My Cross to Bear” marks a new chapter in the FFG epic.


Trilogy of Woe -1999
Of Darksome Rivers and Sorrowed Meadows- 2001
This Burden...My Cross to Bear- 2004

Set List

Empty Arms Sullen Hearts
Mourning Again
Kill Potential
My cross to Bear
In the wake of Sin