For Every Story

For Every Story


An extremely high energy live show.


For Every Story are from the thriving scene of Southern Ontario, Canada that includes such acts as Alexisonfire, Moneen, Silverstein and Sum 41. With influences ranging from Taking Back Sunday to Thrice, Weezer to From Autumn to Ashes, and even Brand New to Metallica, For Every Story is a true mix of multiple musical styles. Vocalist Todd Wilson's powerful melodic singing and gut wrenching screaming accompanied by Tyler and Trevor's compelling screams and harmonies display the pain, struggle and emotion of their past experiences. Accompanying the vocals are catchy and captivating guitar riffs performed and perfected by Tyler & Trevor that bring all of For Every Story's songs to a brand new level, Dan's bold bass riffs accent the music, along with the guidance of fast paced, hard hitting rhythm section by drummer Ryan Arsenault. Combining all these elements generates not only music, but also energy for the music listener. Unlike much of the stagnant post-hard core scene today, For Every Story finds a way to keep their music sounding unique and interesting, but always catchy and memorable.
When Angels Cry, their debut self-released EP (as Another Dark Day) was released on June 7th, 2004. the band continues now to play shows in support of the new full-length album "For An Artist to An Author", put out on Standing 8 Count Records.


Lights On Liberty

Written By: For Every Story

So cold, like the nights we spent shaking
Breaking through thoughts from our minds and our hearts
And those night that we’re gonna spend all alone

So take, you can tear out my eyes now
You’ve already made me blind
You change our colored world into your black and white

So go ahead and write your songs
Spread your lies throughout them all

Suffer, from the point you’ve made mistaken
You’re selfish and blind, open your eyes
You’re words will never bring us down

Fuck you; you can see we’re not responding
We’re fueling just fine, off his decepting lies
Soon they’re gonna hear our side

...And There Will Be No Riding Coatails

Written By: For Every Story

For every holiday, for all the words we say,
Your helping hand was there to pick us up when we fell down.
For every heart we break, for every song it takes
Honestly for this road ahead we stand behind you.

First impressions really mean nothing
Second chances you let show, a helping hand when I was in needing,
An honest friendship that would grow.
I’d never leave a man behind me; I’ll never lie just so you know.
Your voice will stay so deep inside of me,
Like this light that shines in slow.

We try, we give it everything, the sky’s the limit
There will be no giving in. Hold your head up high.
Tonight, we ride the hand grenades around our hearts will soon run out of time.
Runs out of time.

For all the tears we cry, for every last goodbye,
The pain, the struggle and the satisfied.
For every stage we play, live like it’s our last day,
We leave this battle silhouettes of six, our victory.


2004 - "When Angels Cry EP" which includes the single "Memories and Picture Frames" which has been played across ontario on many college and university radio stations.

2006 - "From An Artist to An Author" includes re-recorded songs "The Dying Rose" and "These Honest Eyes" as well as an acoustic version of the faster paced "...And There Will Be No Riding Coatails".

Set List

Our set list is usually between 25 and 45 minutes depending on what we are allowed and it consists of these songs:

Out With The Old, In With a Few
Lights On Liberty
...And There Will Be No Riding Coatails
These Honest Eyes
Against Our Own
A Shadow Over You
The Dying Rose