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Forge & Amen are a multi-talented duo bringing back the same producer-to-emcee spirit as groups like Gangstarr and Pete Rock & CL Smooth. Amen's animated personality and swagger mixed with Forge's calm, reserved demeanor makes for an unexpected but exeptional match.


Forge got into hip hop in the early-to-mid 90's and is influenced heavily by producers from that era like DJ Premier, RZA, and Large Professor. Over time, Forge got into the deejaying aspect of things, which eventually evolved into producing. He landed a spot at the top college radio station in NC, WKNC 88.1fm, where he has held down a few mixshows per week for the last couple years. He also completed tracks with Spectac, Supastition, and members of the Justus League.

Amen, the proclaimed “Menace To Sobriety”, got captivated to music through his father who had an extensive collection of vinyl. Over the years, Amen finally wanted to present his own form of music and started doing such in the late 90's. Eventually, linking up with the Magnum Opus crew, Amen started getting his name out all over South Carolina through his superb stage presence and numerous mixtapes that have circulated throughout the southeast.

After a few years, hustling with his crew in the South Carolina hip-hop scene, Amen finally met a producer from North Carolina that happened to match his style to a tee. After recording their 1st song (which turned into their 1st single) in mid-2003, Forge & Amen decided that they complimented each other so perfectly that they would team up for an album, the soon-to-be classic 12 Step Program. Recognizable names in both the North & South Carolina scenes, Forge & Amen have performed with KRS-One, Aesop Rock, Prince Paul, Mr Lif, Camp Lo, Kev Brown, Lyrics Born, Ugly Duckling, Aceyalone, Tajai (Souls Of Mischief), Critically Acclaimed, Grouch & Eligh (Living Legends), C-Rayz Walz, Abstract Rude, Extended Famm, Doujah Raze, Supastition, Spectac, & members of the Justus League between the two of them.


The Menace 12"
Happy Hour (mix cd)

Set List

normal set last 25-30 minutes