Forget Cassettes

Forget Cassettes


Building off the success of their debut album, Instruments of Action, Forget Cassettes is preparing to release their sophomore album, Salt on August 8th, 2006. The band has toured with Trail of Dead and played the 2005 CMJ Music Marathon.


Rock and roll should be about energy, the intensity of distinct personalities coming together to create a feeling akin to the sensations of life that exist for humanity, whether they be a celebration of what is glorious about a moment or the sadness that comes from loss. Music is life; music is the ideal expression of existence; music is power. It is not only the combination of the dynamics of guitar, drums, and keyboards, but how those instruments emphasize the lyrics of a song that make for good rock n roll. Nashville’s Forget Cassettes, fronted by Beth Cameron, embodies this idea. An anomaly in the Nashville music scene, a band led by a guitar-wielding female, Forget Cassettes knows how to make great rock. There is no way to categorize this band, no genre in which to place them; it is only rock in its purest, most unadulterated form. No, it is not one’s typical band, singing about sex, drugs, and a party-oriented lifestyle; Forget Cassettes goes one better: they describe those moments in life fraught with indecision and duality. All of those seemingly tragic times that lead to introspection and realization are the lyrics of Forget Cassettes, plus songs about music as savior and its impact on the body and mind (“Ms. Rhythm and Blues”). Rock and roll can be meaningful, as Forget Cassettes wants us to believe, and it’s true. Music can be pleasurable and profound all in the same moment.

The songs themselves are the aural representations of these lyrics. Life is not as simple and coherent as most rock artists would have us believe. Existence cannot always be represented in three minutes and three chords. Forget Cassettes’ music shows us that a moment can begin loud, slide into quiet, then change right back into an explosion of sound and feeling. Sometimes this happens in a split second; sometimes it takes awhile, but our minds are not always as straightforward as some music would have us believe. Forget Cassettes wants us to know that they know how things really are and wants to show us this comprehension. In songs like “Instruments of Action,” the title track of their first record, FC succinctly demonstrates this ideal. It begins as a mid-tempo piece heavy with drumming, presenting an idea of power, idealism, and the embracement of strength. Then, halfway through this four-minute-plus track, everything slows down as Beth repeats the French phrase tout bien ou rien, (all or nothing), which in many ways can be seen as the major theme to their musical vision. Life should be lived fully, or not at all. All of the songs, in some way or another, continue this idea. It is certainly a great mantra for everyone to implement in his/her own manner.

Few rock bands can ever be taken seriously if they cannot transfer the sound / energy of their records onto the stage; this is the true litmus test of a great band. Forget Cassettes does not fail in this accord. While their record is amazing, their live shows are that much better. They feed off the energy of a packed show in a strange symbiotic relationship, as the crowd desires more and more from the band itself. The kids on the floor, in true indie rock fashion, tap feet and bob heads to the beat, singing along to the lyrics, while the musicians take this pleasure into their performance and give it back to the audience tenfold. Even though Beth is a diminutive figure in real life, thin and standing barely over five feet, it never ceases to amaze the audience that she can play with such vigor or sing as loudly and as big as she does. The power and emotion inside her is much bigger than one could ever believe by physical appearance alone. Music itself should only be about the enjoyment of performing songs that mean something to the artist and the audience.

After the departure of original drummer Doni Schroader in late 2004, to tour with ……And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Jay Leo Phillips (Apollo Up!) and Aaron Ford (The Sincerity Guild) joined Beth to continue Forget Cassettes. The talent and musicianship of this band has always been full of surprises, so the world-at-large should prepare itself for this powerhouse- they are capable of great things.
words: catie cameron


Instruments of Action - 2003
The Catch Maxi-Single - May 2nd, 2006
Salt - August 8th, 2006

Set List

Quiero, Quieres
The Catch
My Maraschino
Lonely Does It
Patience, Beth
Bruce Wayne
Instruments of Action