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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Reggae


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Demo EP
4-song CD

Holy fuckin’ fuck! This new material rocks like it needs to find a bathroom break and fast. Formed just a few years ago, Forgetful Jones has been packing rooms with their high energy blend of funk, metal and reggae combined in just the right places to create an original sound that hasn’t been heard around these parts in many moons. The bass slapping is gratuitous and unnecessary, but the vocals are powerful, the guitars are nice and spanky and the drumming is hard-hitting and inventive. Though the first two songs on this new demo are straight up and rocking, the second half of this EP is where the blending of styles really shines. I hope they put out more soon. (Joel Simches)

- The Noise magazine - boston

CD release party
Harpers Ferry, Brighton, MA 1/25/07
Some bands have that crazed/super-focused look in their eyes as they take the stage. Forgetful Jones has it tonight—they’re hungry to rock. If this show was a televised football game, you may hear John Madden, or some other color commentator say something like “These guys are playing in the zone” or “It’s evident they really brought their ‘A’ game tonight.” It’s true; tonight, Forgetful Jones is unstoppable. The fans crowd the stage and make it really hard to get in close to the action. Their music is a little metal, a little funk, even a little bit of jazz, but what it all adds up to is a whole lot of rock. There are a few cover songs thrown in which help display the band’s influences: The Police, James Brown, and Jimi Hendrix. To make the night even more special, Forgetful Jones raffles off some prizes including a guitar and an autographed photo from their friends in 311. Everybody seems pretty happy. Good night. (Kier Byrnes)

- The Noise magazine - Boston

these guys rock hard and heavy. Great songs, cool sounds and theatrical vocals put these four songs into the hall of fame. Slashing guitars walk hand in hand with a tight rythm section that bowls you over like an Abrams tank. Add the well performed vocals and you've got a band that rivals that of top talents U2. Youre gonna love this band I garuntee it. Rock on!

- Douglas Sloan - metronome magazine - boston

Monkbam! Records
The Album
9-song CD
If it’s possible, Forgetful Jones is an incredibly tight band with a flair for being loose. They play well as a unit, but never measure things too much, which allows for a sound that is disciplined but exciting and far from stale. The music, which culls together the best aspects of ’90s alternative, funk and metal, from the progressive alt-funk of Jane’s Addiction, Living Colour, 311, and Fishbone to the nihilistic crunch-metal of Pantera, packs a punch but isn’t afraid to let its melodic sensibilities flesh out. Vocalist Kenyatta Savage is a great singer, and his voice provides a strong complement to the sonic guitar crunch offered up by his bandmates. Standout tracks include opener “Lights Out,” “Super Pitfall” and “Rushing to Wait.” (Ryan Bray)

- the noise magazine

Vocalist Kenyatta Savage leads this pack of rabid dogs through a firestorm of heavy bass lines, ballistic drum beats and shredding guitars. Forgetful Jones is the love child of Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, and Living Colour. Niles Tooher on bass and Matt Athanasiou on drums supply an ample launching pad for guitarist Jon Holland to explode a la Vernon Reid, Eddi Van Halen or Jerry Cantrell. It's a solid listen straight through. If you find yourself with a copy of this CD, my only advice would be to crank up your stereo! - Spare Change Magazine - May, 2008
- spare change magazine

Forgetful Jones seemlessly joins funk/rock/reggae, with songwriting that stands apart from the rest. This group is taking the Boston scene by storm, packing clubs around town and are determined to continue building their base.. -


released feb. 07 - "Forgetful Jones - The Album" full length LP on "Monkbam!" records
released Nov. '09 - Sub-Atomic Philharmonic
released singles - "Lights out" and "40 song", Not for Nothing, Traffic
regular airplay on bostons - WBCN 104.1. Waaf 107.3



Hailing from their stomping grounds of Boston, Massachusetts, and blending the genres of Hard Rock, Funk, Reggae and Blues, Forgetful Jones illustrates a non-definitive, signature sound that is unlike the music that currently paints the mainstream industry. Comprised of Kenyatta Savage (Vocals), Jon Holland (Guitar), Niles Tooher (Bass), and Matt Athanasiou (Drums), Forgetful Jones creates music as a reflection of their individual and collective struggles, trials and triumphs. Influenced by such legendary artists who include James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Forgetful Jones released their debut, studio LP, The Album, in 2007. The entire compilation was recorded at Monkbam Studios, and produced entirely by Forgetful Jones; alongside musician, Ian Hughes. To promote their songs and collective sound, Forgetful Jones has taken center stage at an array of venues across the country that spotlight notable talent. The band has been privileged to play alongside such headliners that include Alice in Chains, Buckcherry and Days of the New, Badfish, Ben Kenney of Incubus and many others. These experiences have given Forgetful Jones the opportunity to expose themselves to a broad, cross cultured audience.

Forgetful Jones released their follow up, studio LP, Sub-Atomic Philharmonic in November of 2009.This record was produced by Forgetful Jones and Ian Hughes. Many songs on this new record were engineered by Scott Reibling (former bassist of Letters to Cleo, and Weezer), F.J. was the last up and coming band to receive radio airplay from 104.1 WBCN in Boston before the station went off the air. The band has been featured on Mostly Rock and Roll T.V., which is a music program that is broadcast to an estimated one million, U.S. households. Experiences of this calibur are preparing the band to fulfill many of their future goals and aspirations. Ultimately, Forgetful Jones wants to change the face of music, one ear and expression at a time. Inspired by their fans, and motivated by innovation, Forgetful Jones is on the pulse of International acclaim.

- Hitt music group – Los Angeles, Ca