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"My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult w/ Forget Me Knots and Noize Tribe Zero"

Heavy industrial heart infarctions never felt or sounded so good as ABORT Magazine, in association with Densixx & Babalon Entertainment, brought My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and their brand of industrial strength madness to town, righteously scaring off all but the strongest of will. Supported by some of Vancouver’s own industrial music makers, it was a night of sex, death and music few will forget.

Initially troubled by technical difficulties, Noize Tribe Zero managed to pull it out of their asses in the end (pun intended) and put on a wicked set. These guys were heavy as fuck, yet the local audience seemed not yet prepared to fully appreciate what these guys do. Singer Neil Willams looked like he’d just stepped off the set of a Slade video (circa 1972) and into a British Officer’s uniform for his role in the long haired version of “The Bridge on the River Kwai.” More metal than purely industrial (and all things in between), these guys all had a decent stage presence and solid tracks. Watch for more mayhem from Noize Tribe Zero in the near future.

If you are looking for an industrial mélange with hints of Pere Ubu on vocals, look no further than the next band up, Forget Me Knots. With a five string bass, double lead guitars and a beat machine, they molded together moody, broody melodies before dumping the whole metal factory on us like ten tons of Alcan slag. Once their beats became loud enough they totally filled out the band and remained solid throughout. With industrial, rock and electronica bragging rights, D.@.V.i.d., daemon1k and Dalaminki walked in looking like a car accident and walked out looking like a MAACO showpiece.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the excellent job of mixing and spinning between bands done by DJ Betty Forde. Ranging from Dire Straits to The Gossip to Public Enemy and all things in between, if there was any song from the last twenty years you might like, I’m pretty damn sure DJ Betty spun it this night.

Finally, with as much stealth as a wrecking ball caressing a Hastings Street Olympic relocation project, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult hit the stage and ground us all into a fine powder on the dance floor. Lead singer Groovie Mann, scantily clad back-up singer Pepper Somerset (in dark glasses), two synths and a laptop plus plenty of charisma was all it took to get everyone out of their seats and gyrating to beats. Songs like “Tonight We Murder” and “A Daisy Chain 4 Satan” successfully reminded us that its all about the beats and our proximity to Hell is obviously not in question. Backed by old footage from some of the lesser loved 70’s horror movies projected up behind them, they tore through their set like so many piranhas converging on a swimming water buffalo. Old favourites like “Sex on Wheelz,” “The Devil Does Drugs” and “Kooler Than Jesus” kept us tech heads and death worshipers moving and grooving ‘til the wee hours of the night.

I’m pretty sure if Jesus were alive and living in Vancouver (and who says he isn’t?) he’d be a death worshiping tech head for sure. Probably the only sandal clad fan at the show though. Ah well, it takes all kinds.

By Grimm “Alcan Slag” Culhane - Abort Magazine -

"Review - My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult at the Red Room Nite Club, April 10 2008"

Review - My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult at the Red Room Nite Club, April 10 2008
Written by Euan Clemens
Saturday, 10 May 2008

What a show it was! Forget Me Knots and Noise Tribe Zero fronting for My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult! I got there plenty early no one had yet to arrive in line but not long after me people showed up in larger and larger numbers. I spoke with people outside about the night and they were ready and anxious. I got inside after 9:30pm and what a setup inside great red lighting effects and cool posters, the mics were on chains, I thought that was killer.

It got underway close to 10pm and Noise Tribe Zero started and were they great, I totally got a Motley Crue vibe from the lead singer Neil Williams . Noise Tribe Zero had great music, good drum sounds and sweet guitars. The band had sweet presence on stage worked awesome together, crowd was dancing good, I was into it and definitely foot tapping to the beats. They made very cool use of a drum machine as well awesome innovation that thing, i dug it. Good performance 8 out of 10. A DJ then came on and continued his rocking beats he was playing when i got in at the beginning, his tunes were awesome to.

Before the next band Forget Me Knots, I got a quick word with Daniel Wyatt, bassist of the group wondering what we could expect from them tonight and he simply said MAYHEM, i almost fainted knowing i was in for a treat. Forget Me knots then came on and i was not disappointed, firstly their background poster was killer wicked logo red and black and then they came on and it was mayhem indeed.David Berry sung for them and his voice sure got the girls going, i was impressed to excellent voice and strong lyrics. The bands presence on stage was awesome as well Brandon Scott and Daniel worked well together while Dave sang and it was great chemistry as if they have been a band forever. The appearance was cool to David and Brandon had awesome band clothes and Daniel couldn't go wrong with his huge red Mohawk. Great songs to, like a marionette was my favorite. The DJ then continued and I took the time to chat to people what they thought, some were more for Forget me Knots but there was definite approval for both. Sanctuary's DJ Pandemonium was in attendance as was DJ Sickbot from Blankwave and they said it was a good night too.

It was then time for Thrill Kill and they completed the night greatly, I was not familiar with this group but was not disappointed, very good stuff. With awesome songs and stage presence to boot, the crowd was really into them. Groovie Mann and singer Pepper Somerset gave the guys and gals some eye candy for sure, the lead man took his shirt off and did great Flamboyant dancing, crowd thought it was awesome and Pepper had a dominatrix look, i was mesmerized ha ha. Their poster was sweet to, nice black and white TKK logo it was impressive. I sadly was not able to stay for the entire performance but left happy and amazed at what i saw. their music had great dance feel and excellent vibe and most noticeable goodness were the songs catchy. 9 out of 10 from Thrill Kill. I certainly hope this concert repeats in the future, I will be front row center if so. - ALT: Rock Culture and Lifestyle Magazine -


Forget Me Knots has just finished their debut EP, 'Like a Marionette', which is available now through,, or the Forget Me Knots official website! You can also hear us on streaming radio, as well as Darkwavez radio and Euanator radio shows at CITR. You can also preview the EP at our website



While attending college with plans to pursue a career in Audio Engineering, David Berry (vocals,guitar) quickly realized that working on other peoples music would not be as fulfilling as creating his own. As a result, Forget Me Knots was conceived....

Looking for new directions, David decided to evolve the sound of Forget Me Knots by adding live instruments to the mix. In February of 2007, he started auditioning musicians and met guitarist Brandon Scott. Brandon's innovative and versatile guitar playing complemented David's creative vision and his esoteric writing brought a more experimental sound to the music. They met bassist Daniel Wyatt and knew right away he was the perfect fit. Daniel's creative approach to the bass offers and edgy, elemental sound, while his background in engineering helped to expand the technological front. Forget Me Knots was completed.

Forget Me Knots is instantly reminiscent of early industrial rock, at times heavy and dark as "Nuclear Sky" to the night and day of "Wake Up" and the slow descent into "Retrograde". Once you hear the hauntingly melodic guitar riffs blended over the surge of industrial sounds, Forget Me Knots, as their name suggests, are not easily forgotten...