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The best kept secret in music


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...And If We Fall EP
My Secret Is Hidden In Your Locket EP
They both have streaming, can be purchases on iTunes.



The music of Forgetmenot is coming out of puberty. Its sound has grown, its voice has changed, and it’s figured itself out. They are through the awkward stage of first CD’s, opening acts and friend-requesting everyone on MySpace; now they’re showing us what they’re made of.
Their latest release is “My Secret is Hidden in your Locket,” an acoustic EP that is proof the band have come into their own, understand themselves, and are ready for the next step. They have filled out their skin and developed their sound into a mature and emotional work of art. Fully-grown and self-aware, Forgetmenot are poised to explode onto the scene.
Each band member has grown individually as well. On the appropriately-titled “Nothing Short of Amazing,” lead vocalist Justin Watson takes you by storm when he proclaims “She’s my hurricane!” with such force that makes it near-impossible to recognize him as the So Long Hollywood singer from back in the day.
Formerly of hardcore group My Heart’s Disaster and die-hard The Chariot fan, lead guitarist and back-up vocalist Caleb Fry seemed out of place when he joined Watson in singing about autumn rain and summer loves. But after constant trial and error, Fry has found a way to put his metal background to good use by throwing shred-worthy leads into the musical melting pot that is Forgetmenot.
Bassists are usually considered to have the easiest part in a band, but this does not hold true of Nick Gullotti. The silent backbone of Forgetmenot, Gullotti has become the mold that holds FMN together, handling many of the band’s business-related dealings. And there is rarely a moment when his bass is not above his head or being swung around his body.
New members Sarah Stahl (piano) and Joel Jakowitsch (drums) have topped off the band’s sound. The rhythm and unrelenting power of Jakowitch’s drumming matches the intense passion of the Forgetmenot’s songwriting, making Jakowitsch exactly the drummer the band were looking for: someone who would fit the musical and family unity of the band.
Sarah Stahl is the icing on the cake. The melodic and emotional piano-playing of Stahl perfectly accents the poetic style of Forgetmenot, creating an atmosphere that matches their songs’ themes of romance and heartbreak. Since the band’s formation in 2007, Forgetmenot’s music has developed and matured. But most importantly it’s grown some balls. Stepping out of the safe zone of generic pop punk that others stay in their entire careers, Forgetmenot have stumbled upon uncharted territory, blending indie rock, pop and punk into a unique sound and making it their own.
Forgetmenot have what it takes to overcome the obstacles a southern, suburban band faces in a scene dominated by big city names like All Time Low and Forever the Sickest Kids. Nestled in dead-end Calvert County, Forgetmenot have grown strong enough to break the geographical bonds of their hometown that would tie down any act of lesser talent. As of right now they are the best-kept secret in Maryland. But judging by the word of mouth their latest release is generating, this secret won’t stay hidden for long.