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On October 13, 2007, Maryland based rockers Forgive the Fallen released their debut EP & to celebrate the release, the band had a CD release party at Fletcher’s in Fell Point, Maryland & whenever you see a local band, it’s always a situation where the place is either half empty, half full,, or sold out...notice how I skipped the totally empty, because I’ve seen a few national bands that have the same problem, but anyways, this particular show sold well, there was a good sized crowd, & the only thing that kinda surprised me was that the band did not headline their own cd release party, rather they played 3rd on a 4 band bill, & to be totally honest with you, it was a good strategy, because I’ve noticed that alot of times the crowd dissipates as the night weens on & at local shows, alot of times the last band plays to the smallest crowd!

Forgive the Fallen played a really strong hour long set that was all originals with the exception of a cover of “Zombie” by The Cranberries, & I have to admit, & even told the band, that their cover was amazing...they added their own style to it, but it was still a very strong & recognizable cover! The highlight of the night was seeing the band do something they’d never done onstage before...they performed one song totally unplugged & I always knew that the band would sound amazing unplugged, but hearing Adriana’s voice with an acoustic guitar made each note she sang just sound even strong because the music was really stripped down & it was really beautiful.

The band totally played their hearts out at this show, they gave the crowd everything they had, & they also filmed this show for future use on a dvd at some point, so that’s another added highlight to look forward to! It was very cool to watch the band get off stage & go directly into the crowd to autograph cd’s, talk to fans & family, & I definitely think Forgive the Fallen have the potential to go far if they get the right push & the right backing....the elements of clean, strong vocals, aggro vocals, loud tuned down guitars, & great rhythm are what really set this band apart from others.

- By Bob Suehs

Local and national acts featuring female lead singers performed at the Recher Theatre in Towson on Saturday
Laua Pleines
Saturday night brought an edgy side to the Recher Theatre in Towson with bands The Dear and Departed of California, Within Temptation of the Netherlands and local band Forgive the Fallen.

Forgive the Fallen had the difficult task of opening the night, yet somehow they tackled it. The band, like headliner Within Temptation, has a female lead vocalist.

The lead singer of Forgive the Fallen, Adriana Galan, was the main focus of the band and was the only vocalist that performed.

The other members of the band seemed to remain in the background, offering support to the vocalist.

Galan's vocals are clear and she has a strong voice that stands out over the hard metal sounds of the band.

Galan brought the most energy during the set and at times it seemed like it was her show.

Their music was very strong for an opening act and they really tried to set the tone for the rest of the night. They entered the stage with entrance music, which is not typically seen for local bands, but it was a great way for them to introduce themselves.

Their best song "Save your Breath," was a mixture of Galan's vocals shining and the band's strong guitars.

The next band, The Dear and Departed, was just as one person in the audience shouted, "It's a mixture of the Killers and AFI."

The Californian band also reminded me of My Chemical Romance, from their black suits to some of their jet-black hair. As the lead singer spoke to the audience, his United Kingdom origin was evident.

Their sound was unique and very catchy. They had a mixture of punk rock and hard rock sounds. Although, they didn't get the memo for the night of having female lead vocalists, their lead singer brought a lot of energy to their show.

One of their best songs was, "Tonight's the Night," which helped to highlight the set.

Finally, the show ended with national recording artists, Within Temptation.

This band's sound could be compared to Evanescence. They had a harder sound, but their lead singer Sharon den Adel had a strong, elegant voice, like Galan's of Forgive the Fallen, that could be present over their sound.

The night was full of many different arrays of sounds, which helped to bring the bands more popularity with the audience. Forgive the Fallen gave a good performance and their future will shine as they perform more. Within Temptation and The Dear and Departed seem to be working hard to gain more national fans.

The night was full of female vocals proving that rock music cannot ignore how good it sounds when females sing with rock backgrounds.

- Towson Towerlight

After driving the arduous two and a half hours to the Recher Theater in Towson, Maryland, Lattimer Heavy and his beloved queen had time to kill before the concert in which they ventured to see. Within Temptation, The Dear and Departed, and Forgive the Fallen was the lineup. The king and queen went to the Rec Room ( right next door to the Theater ) and devoured a glorious meal. If you ever grace Towson, Maryland with your prescence, the Rec Room is definate. After standing around for nearly 30 minutes, realizing he forgot his press pass, and relentlessly trying to ignore the hordes of thirteen year old girls playing patty cake, Lattimer saw her - Sharon del Adel - the vocalist for Within Temptation. Words don't express her beauty. Words were not spoken and eyes were not met, but she is metal. Without a doubt, she exudes the finest grace and elegance imaginable without losing any metal standard.

The first and only band to be seen, Forgive the Fallen, was very much NOT a typical female fronted new wave of metal band. The beautiful vocalist entered stage left, 30 seconds after her four male counterparts only to grace us with a top notch vocal styling only to be compared with Morgan Lander of Kittie. That is more than a compliment from this particular writer. With the exception of a System of a Down cover ( they played it perfectly if you like System, which I do not ), they were flawless in the eyes of this concert goer.

FORGIVE THE FALLEN - Definately check them out.
- Lifesblood Magazine


Upcoming Album" Resurrection

Release Date: 2010

Single: For You

"For You" is the ending credits song in new horror flim "Respire" directed by David Cross.



The current Forgive the Fallen lineup features co-creators Adriana Galan (lead vocals) and Bill Wienecke (guitar); along with newcomers Mike Johnson (guitar) and Dave Gascon (bass/vocals). Armed with a new line-up and an aggressive fist pumping sound, the band is currently working on taking their music to the next level with their first full length album: Resurrection!

Forgive the Fallen’s new single from Resurrection, "For You" is currently released and the featured song in the new horror film Respire! The band also has filmed a music video for "For You" that was directed and edited by Respire director David Cross.

Recording for Resurrection is currently underway at Studio Unknown with producer Steve Antonelli and scheduled to be released in 2010!