forgotten boys

forgotten boys

 São Paulo, São Paulo, BRA

From the classic rock until the soul music, singing english or portuguese, the beat are the remedy for boring. Fury and freedom. MC5, Rolling Stones, T.Rex, Otis Redding


During the second half of the 90s, the Brazilian underground music scene was (already) clearly dominated by Hardcore and Emo. Two kids, however, were not sure what the hell was going .. all, they had grown up listening to Iggy & The Stooges, Johnny Thunders, MC5, etc. Bored with it all and without any motivation to go out and see shows to have a good time, they decided to book studio time to record a 3-song demo called "...Cos Revenge is Sweet". The product was basic Rock'n'Roll, 3 powerful chords Ramones style, and it included a very raw version of "It's Cold Outside" by The Choir, a Garage-Punk band from the 60s. They put together some, also basic, cover art and they baptized themselves as The Forgotten Boys. The year was 1997, the place, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

By 1998 Gustavo Riviera and Arthur Franquini had gathered quite a few new tunes and so they decided to bring in a bass player to their project. They then recorded a new demo by the end of that year, consisting of 13 tracks and self-titled "Forgotten Boys." They caused a very contagious reaction: despite of the band only pressing and distributing 50 copies of their, then, most recent demo, the entire local scene started talking about them.

A new bass player joined the band in early 1999, Chuck Hipolitho, who rapidly became a fundamental member of the band, and was also to become the Director for a program called Riff on MTV Brazil, for a period of time.

In 2000, after serving as Marky Ramone's backing band in Brazil, the band recorded and mixed 24 songs in only one week. Sixteen of these tracks became part of their debut album, also self-titled "Forgotten Boys," that was released on Ataque Frontal, a legendary Brazilian label responsible for releasing Punk Rock music in the very early 80s in Brazil for the first time.

By mid 2001 Arthur left the band in good terms with his former bandmates. Since they had already booked new studio time and they hadn't been able to find Arthur's replacement, Chuck stepped in to play drums, as well as bass. The product was the 6 tracks that Forgotten Boys used to participate of the split CD with the very first No Fun Records recording artists ever, the Killer Dolls from Argentina. This amazing split CD filled with wicked South American Rock'n'Roll was released on Spicy Records in September 2001. Flavio Cavichioli joined the band on drums exactly one month before the 2 bands started touring the South and Southeast of Brazil to promote their split CD.

In early 2002 Forgotten Boys recorded a new full length called "Gimme More," which was released by Thirteen Records. These new recordings are proof that the band has taken big steps since getting started, they've matured greatly in the way they compose, their song arrangement and their sound. In addition, the record's excellent production work gave them no other than the possibility to become one of the bands with the most acclaimed Rock'n'Roll record by Brazilian audiences of the last years. By mid 2002 the band was joined by Fralda on bass, also a member of the world renown cult band Ratos de Porao. This internal shift gave Chuck yet again the chance to show his multi-talented persona by taking the spotlight as rhythm guitarist. This last move helped shape and intensify the band's sound as we come to know it today.

By the end of 2003 the band signed with No Fun Records to get his first release outside their native contry, "Gimme More (And More)", which consists of "Gimme More" in addition to the tracks that had belonged to their split CD with Killer Dolls, a very hard-to-find item by now. By mid 2004 Fralda gets off giving place to Pepe Mazzei, who once was playing for the Street Bulldogs.

In 2005 after getting back from their first going to Argentina the band is invited to sign their first contract to a Record Company, ST2 Records (Brazil), witch will represent the Boys from now on. The first album to be relased by ST2 is called "Stand By The D.A.N.C.E." and sets the band


don't be afraid

Written By: gustavo riviera

Don’t be afraid
(Gustavo Riviera)

Don’t be afraid
Hello tonight

You’re strong enough,
make up your mind
Hather be dead,
than loose the fight

And people say
Hold you delight

Boom Boom Boom,
too much too soon
They don’t know where we’re going,
but the humble in their room

Who miss the train
Don’t waste your time

We don’t deserve the oppression we see
We must choose the way we want to live

Don’t be afraid
Hello tonight


Written By: gustavo riviera

Fica assim depois quinta-feira
No corpo parece ter um diabo
Não sonha mais, só fica acordado
Consciência dorme, acorda o pecado

Fica assim depois de quinta-feira
A lua nasce e junto sua vontade
As desculpas ficam pra domingo
Logo depois de ter tudo acabado

Na quarta vive um ritual vodu
Quinta à noite fica à deus dará
Na quarta vive um ritual vodu
Quinta à noite fica à deus dará

Vive no inferno e não volta
Há dias, há dias, há dias, há dias

justice for all

Written By: gustavo riviera

I saw a war coming up
Saw bombs coming down
Far away from my home
Fighting just to be found
Wondering for a change
But it looks like the same
And it’s up on me now
Free mind anyhow
Open the door that i want
Right or wrong, but i choose

Wow Wow Wow
I’m using my name
Mon and dad put me on that game
Wow Wow Wow
I’m dress like this
And we fall on the man’s law
Fall on the god’s law
Always in debt
Holping justice for all


Taste it - 2011(ST2)
Louva-a-deus - 2008 (forgotten boys records)
Stand by the DANCE - 2005 (St2)
Gimme More - 2002 (Thirteen records)
Gimme more (and more) (no fun records - USA)
forgotten Boys - 2000 (ataque frontal)

Forgotten Boys / Motosierra 2004 (Thirteen records)
Forgotten boys / killer dolls 2001 (spicy records)

Set List

set list:
don't be afraid
justice for all
hold on
just done
get load
sem razão
ela diz
got my eyes
news from god
So so
rock'n'roll band