Forgotten by Friday

Forgotten by Friday

 Stratford, Connecticut, USA

Forgotten by Friday is an Americana/Rock band with strong Country Roots. We are pushing the limits of our genre, and creating a new, but familiar, sound. We have mixed the classic Americana sound of story-telling lyrics and strong, emotional vocals with the polish of modern country and the mass appeal of pop rock. We have a large catalog of both covers AND originals.


In 2010, two old High School friends decided to start a Southern Rock/Country band based around original music that mattered to people. Music that could make a difference in someone's life and touch on the everyday emotions we all feel, in a positive way. 

Believe was released in 2012, to rave reviews from places such as Scope Magazine, New England Americana Critic Noah Coakley, renowned local producer Vic Steffans, and quite a few other entities, both local and national. FbF took their music to the Nashville area, earning acclaim and playing multiple showcases in places like the Bluebird Cafe, Pict's Cafe, Douglas Corner, the Commodore, BB King's, and Rickard's, joining with many area songwriters to learn the craft of songwriting.

On the strength of their first album, FbF toured the entire New England and New York metro area, including the Boston Music Conference, The Knitting Factory, the National Underground, and Freedomfest New Jersey, with the tour ending at Showcase Live in Gillette Stadium, opening for the Marshall Tucker Band in front of thousands of fans.

As FbF started writing the second album, "Whiskey and Song" Keyboardist and Fiddle player Lawrence Wenthon was added to the lineup. Whiskey and Song was released in 2015, again to rave reviews. Another tour of the New England and New York area was completed, this time opening for national acts such as Black Jack Billy, Chris Jansen, and Keith Anderson to name a few. Almost every major festival saw a Forgotten by Friday show, save a precious few. That tour ended with a CTnow Connecticut music award for best original country band, and several nominations for the New England Music Awards.

In closing, FbF is a very talented Southern Rock/Country band who can play any venue, arena, or type of show. All original music, opening for a national on a huge stage? Absolutely. Mostly cover shows in a smaller local club? No Problem. Festivals? That's what we live for. And, the FbF sound is very family friendly, and guaranteed to entertain any size crowd. Please let us know how we can help you. Thank you.               


Don't Forget Me

Written By: Forgotten by Friday

90 Miles an hour down a dead end road
I can smell the apple blossoms, I know I’m coming home
See what’s changed in the time I’ve been gone
Feel of the summer breeze, It’s here I belong

The streets and houses still look the same
Every brick on the fire station, dreaming of better days
For all my running, this still feels like home
From the look on all the faces, I’ve stayed away too long

But I had to go out and make my name
I had to leave this behind and find my way
Who knows where I’d be right now if I stayed

It’s so sweet to be home
Too damn long I’ve been gone
Don’t forget me, Don’t forget me

Well I guess it’s time
For one more Goodbye
Don’t let me stay away too long

I can’t say what kind of man I’ve become
All the things I’ve seen, and the things I’ve done
But I know it’s good to be home
I hope this time you can keep me long




Written By: Forgotten by Friday

Many colors have I seen
Like faded pictures on a forgotten TV screen
I’ll play the role in black and while
Gone like a shooting star on a fated summer night

Spare a lock of your hair
The smell of Summer and the sea will bring me there
I can’t find my way Home
Without my heart, it’s so hard to carry on

My nights are much too dark
My days always seem to stay so grey
I left my home, I left my life
I never fought to stay, or to make you mine

Spare a lock of your hair
The smell of Summer and the sea will bring me there
I can’t find my way Home
Without my heart, it’s so hard to carry on


You never show your colors
Shades of grey ain't no way to be
You never show your colors
You never made your way to me


Written By: Forgotten by Friday

She like a wildflower
She’s a Sunday sun shower
She’s June’s sun on a wedding gown
Ohhh, She’s Elizabethtown
She’s Elizabethtown

She stood, a breath of fresh air,
A Maybelline smile,
With flowers in her hair,
She’s laughin at the rain
As the drops fall down
Ohhh, She’s Elizabethtown
She’s Elizabethtown

Where you’ve been, I don’t care
As long as I can take you there
The wind blows, blows her name
After this I’ll never be the same
After her I’ll never be the same

She’s mad, She’s hard to take
In a strong wind her hear would break
Her love would bring you down
Ohhh, to Elizabethtown
To Elizabethtown

Back When We were Beautiful

Written By: Forgotten by Friday

Back when we where beautiful

Sixteen came and went
So did the time we spent
It seemed better when we were younger
We where here and there
I had a lot more hair
Our lives and smiles were so much stronger

And we laughed until we cried
Hadn’t seen the world outside
Where I am is where I’m wanted
Getting back to where we started
Back when we where beautiful
Now that I’m so much older
Boy to man I’m so much bolder
I remember back when we where beautiful

Things where different then
Friends meant everything
We always knew we’d have each other
Love was clean and new
It was always me and you
Seemed the days would last forever



Repeat first verse




Written By: Dominick Mauro


Don’t leave me, stay
I miss you too much already
What can I say
To keep you from going back to him

I watch you lay
Eyes follow the curves of your body
It’s these times I hate
I’m back to being nobody

And I know what your going home to
And I know, just how little I mean to you
And I can’t forget the whisper in my ear
But it don’t matter, when your not here

We spend our days
In our lies, always hiding
Our star crossed play
Exit stage left with the crowd slowly rising