Forgotten Citizen

Forgotten Citizen

 Satellite Beach, Florida, USA

Forgotten Citizen is a multimedia experiment that combines multiple genres of Electronica with melodic vocals and a mysterious black-clothed figure leading the project, driven by Chris Marshall on acoustic drums that give it a whole new feel when playing live.


Forgotten Citizen is a musical project that began as an experiment without the boundaries of a genre. After much experimentation, the music has evolved into an electronic form of rock with industrial, dance, and poetic influences, composed and produced by the pseudonymous Forgotten Citizen.

Drummer Chris Marshall brings the project to life with acoustic drums that transform Forgotten Citizen's live performance into a completely different experience that never fails to do justice to the recorded tracks.


Scylla & Charybdis
Twenty Second Century EP
Erase Civilian
Half-Life EP

Set List

Total Set Time: aprox. 60 minutes

The Protest
All That Avails is Flight
Never Let This
Lotus Eaters
When We Will Return
Twenty Second Century
At Loss Of...
The Art of Separation
Malfunction in a Drought
Semper Paratus
Sometimes It