Forgotten Citizen
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Forgotten Citizen

Satellite Beach, Florida, United States | SELF

Satellite Beach, Florida, United States | SELF
Band EDM Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Forgotten Citizen"

The music of Forgotten Citizen isn’t something we’re used to hearing here, at least in this locally produced form.

You’re more likely to hear this kind of independent, underground sound in more metropolitan areas, places where electronic music either matches the mechanical rhythms of urban life or, in more ambient form, offers respite from the city’s unending din.

Hearing Twenty Second Century, Forgotten Citizen’s latest EP, in absence of a looming, steely backdrop, then, casts it in stark relief, and in the process comes across as far more organic and emotional than you might initially expect.

Still, the album (played, recorded, produced mixed, designed, and packaged by the artist), is decidedly broody, and as such, resembles the work of a textureless Massive Attack or a more subdued Nine Inch Nails. But as dystopian and coldly industrial as it all sounds (witness the ominous, repetitive squelch of track 3, “Here We Go, Hold On!”), Forgotten Citizen seems to aim more for measured uplift than narcotic somnolence.

Adding to the intrigue is Forgotten Citizen’s “blank” identity. Wholly devoid of distinguishing features, his black, faceless one-piece suit is cited in his online manifesto as a way of directing the listener’s attention to the music as it stands. It’s a clever, if unoriginal contrivance (Daft Punk, for one, have employed the gimmick for years), and probably translates best during FC’s frequent live performances. Here, it’s rendered ineffectual.

The overall concept works well in general, yet the problem with it all is FC’s obsession with — of all bloody things — auto-tune. Yes, auto-tune. And it doesn’t just pop up in a chorus here or a random line there. It’s applied to seemingly every undeserving note. Some may be drawn in by its use (it is mesmeric), but others will be turned off by its gratuitousness.

That said, Twenty Second Century is actually quite excellent in places and shouldn’t be faulted for its reliance on computer-generated melismata.

Whether Forgotten Citizen fulfills a need for more adventurous music within the local music community remains to be seen, but at least he can rest easy in the knowledge of having broken down some antiquated barriers. And that in itself is worthy of praise.

Visit Forgotten Citizen online at: Read tour updates, hear song samples, and purchase tracks for download. - The Beachside Resident


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Forgotten Citizen is a musical project that began as an experiment without the boundaries of a genre. After much experimentation, the music has evolved into an electronic form of rock with industrial, dance, and poetic influences, composed and produced by the pseudonymous Forgotten Citizen.

Drummer Chris Marshall brings the project to life with acoustic drums that transform Forgotten Citizen's live performance into a completely different experience that never fails to do justice to the recorded tracks.