Forgotten Suns

Forgotten Suns


Forgotten Suns' writing skills are so rich and intense that no one can stand indifferent to it. They are an outstanding live and studio hear is to believe! "


The future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams...

The band hails from Portugal (Lisboa) and their path so far can be divided in two distinct directions.

From the original quintet there's only two remaining members – guitar player Ricardo Falcão and keyboard wizard Miguel Valadares. The musical chemistry between them sets the foundations of what Forgotten Suns is all about – exquisite song writing level melted with the inner technical demands that progressive music is usually flavored.

The first half of their biography yielded two albums – Fiction Edge(2000) and Snooze(2004) who were early sons born out of the band's musical growth in an adverse context. Even though yet with a blatantly lack of production, those albums were highly appreciated by the media and especially in the prog community by their strong melodic approach and song writing.

Musically speaking, the main purpose of the band is to do evolutionary albums under the progressive style and fulfill a lifetime dream through music with focus on high quality live and studio performances.

In the early beginnings the band was seriously driven and influenced by the melodic power and song writing of bands like Pink Floyd, Rush and Marillion (from whom they inspired themselves to create the band’s altered name) and also from the heavy/progressive influences of bands like Metallica, Fates Warning, Symphony X or Dream Theater – the band's name is related also to a belief on how one can cross a lifetime by experiencing enlightenment of a spiritual nature - Music is the path.

Those 2 albums were written without having a full time drummer in the same room, so some songs naturally became less complex and more light which were perfect for the singing of ex-singer Linx. The technical and dense production side of the band was kind of sleepy due to the decision of Mike Valadares in to be out of the band for 2 long years. The arrival of drummer J.C Samora in March 2003, who still participated in the final writings of 'Snooze' was a major breakthrough at the time.

After the promotion concerts of 'Snooze' - Meet X Tour - the band decided to enter a new level of production both in studio, live and as performers.

Bass player Nuno Correia joined in on July 2005 and Miguel Valadares returned to his keyboardist role in the same week - a strong group was again together! From that moment on the band's members decided to take Forgotten Suns into a never ending ascending spiral of success and make it all happen through a new musical universe, wider and more expanded, full of new concepts and without musical boundaries.

From that desire the making of a new album was scheduled and there were no easy ways to make it happen by itself alone - a lot of work and dedication was necessary following the idea "-You receive of what you give"!

This new state of mind and musical direction led to the split with the previous singer and there were no definitive options available until the band came to find the vibrant voice of actual lead singer Nio already during the recordings of the new album. With a new singer on the ranks the band signed with ProgRock Records and the new album "INNERGY" will be on stores next 03 March 2009. 8 tracks, 63 minutes of the most heavy & progressive material up to date done by the group.


Fiction Edge (2000)
Snooze (2004)
Innergy (2009)

Set List

The band usually performs from 45 to 120 minutes but it depends on the context.
There are many set lists possible since the band has themes that last 1 minute to 20 minutes, here's one set list:

Dreaming of Reality
Strange Affair with the Night
Dream Killer
Pay the Price
Angels' Embrace
The Final Sentence
A Journey
Betrayed pt.1

Performed at Guimaraes Art Rock Festival 2001
Master of Puppets (Mettalica cover)
Emerald Lies (Marillion cover)